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    Worshipers of the formerly ultra-hairy beast known as MARK RYDEN can get their stalk-on up close and personal at MOCA this Saturday between 3—5pm when the reclusive artist will be onsite signing copies of his brand spankin new “The Tree Show” book. For the uninitiated unfamiliar with former Ryden appearances, prepare yourself for an epic line of otaku fanboys and girls all patiently waiting their turn to have the master sign all manner of objects and flesh. In short, it’s the people-watching event of the weekend bar none.

    Check it out here.

  • Shooting Low, Aiming High

    LA Weekly: The opening reception for Mark Ryden’s new exhibition, “The Tree Show” at Michael Kohn Gallery, was six hours long. If you glanced at the invitation beforehand, you might have thought this was a misprint. Six hours? Two is customary. Three is generous. Six, you might be forgiven for concluding, falls somewhere between pointless and pretentious. But then you would be seriously underestimating both the breadth and the fervor of Ryden’s fan base. In fact, the extension was merely practical. At 3 p.m. on Saturday, midway through the opening, a line stretched out the back door, down Crescent Heights and around the corner onto Beverly. By the time the gallery closed its doors at 6, the guard who’d been hired to manage the flow had counted 2,222 visitors — this in addition to the 220 who’d attended the private preview two nights before. (All those twos make a curious pattern for an artist with a professed interest in numerology.) Kohn associate Samantha Glaser confirmed later over the phone that Ryden himself had been there throughout, milling with admirers and signing autographs. Each time I’d seen them in the course of the week leading up to the show, Glaser and other gallery staff appeared to be wavering between exhilaration and exhaustion, taken aback by the machinations of a network they weren’t used to handling and didn’t entirely understand. Ryden, on the other hand, was clearly in his element. “Oh, he’s having a great time,” Glaser said. “He’s just in heaven!” Here.
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    From Supertouch: Mark Ryden devotees should be ready to move on two new items about to drop any minute at his personal website. On sale May 1st, 2006, a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph poster of “Rosie’s Tea Party.”?No pre-orders or fax orders will be taken for this item. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Edition Size: 500?Price $200 Here.