Ken Weingart interviews Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger is one of the best-known editorial portrait photographers in the U.S., for over thirty years. He succeeded Annie Leibovitz as the designated “chief photographer” for Rolling Stone Magazine and has photographed over 125 Rolling Stone covers. H

Peter Yang and Steven Alan discuss photography with Mark Seliger - A Photo Editor

Last Friday night a show called Blog Re-Blog featuring work by 200 contemporary photographers opened at Signal Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its two curators, Max Marshall and Paul Paper, each chose 100 photographers, then drew names from a hat—must have been a large hat, a sombrero maybe—to pair the artists on their lists randomly. Each photographer was invited to choose an image from their partner’s portfolio, and the images were projected in tandem on one enormous wall of the gallery.

Martin Schoeller, Matthew Modine and Mark Seliger Talk Photography - A Photo Editor

Enjoying this series. Here’s the next episode.

The New York Times has assembled a “Convention Storybook,” an online archive of the conventions. It is a look inside the two parties as they sought to articulate their platforms and positions as clearly as possible, without interference. The “Convention Storybook” presents photographs by Stephen Crowley, Josh Haner, Todd Heisler, Doug Mills, Damon Winter, Mike Appleton, Travis Dove, Edward Linsmier, Luke Sharrett, Robert Stolarik, Max Whitaker and Jim Wilson. Michael Barbaro provided audio and it was produced by Nick Corasaniti, Jacqueline Myint and Cornelius Schmid