Fifty Years On...

  I stumble a bit, me, the former Math major, when I try and do the 'math.'   Last fall was fifty years:   I arrived in Vietnam in October 1...

When I told John I was heading to Vietnam, he said to me… “do a story for me -  call it  Children of War…”    I paused, then bagan to ask, “John, what do you want me to do… ?”  and before I could finish the sentence, he said “No, no!  You tell ME the Story.  YOU’re the journalist, your pictures should show ME the story.”  Over the decades since, I have been immensely glad for that teaching moment.

VietNamNet – Philip Jones-Griffiths and his last struggle

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Philip Jones – Griffiths, a great friend of Viet Nam, who is suffering from cancer, is struggling his last battle in London to grasp the very last breath of his life.

Check it out here.