Worth a look: 100eyes – China: The Past is a Foreign Place | dvafoto

the talented group of photographers that comprise this issue: James Whitlow Delano, Markel Redondo, Katharina Hesse, Ryan Pyle, Xiqi Yuang, Wayne Liu, Carolyn Drake, Rian Dundon, Tim Franco, Eric Guo, Christian Als and Holly Wilmeth, M. Scott Brauer

Producing multimedia that supports the still image | RESOLVE — the liveBooks photo blog

China-based photographer Ryan Pyle loves the still image and has continued to make his on film, even when trekking in remote areas. That hasn’t overshadowed his interest in multimedia though, which he’s been experimenting with recently. You can see the results below, where Ryan also shares his thought process in producing his first audio slideshow.

Vanishing China | PDN Photo of the Day

On a 2006 trip, Ryan Pyle decided to focus his camera on the disappearing culture of China’s remote western Xinjiang province. He says, “The culture is vanishing before my eyes. Each time I return something is missing—a market, an old shop full of blacksmiths, a local mosque. This cultural fabric will be lost forever.” Previously named Chinese Turkestan, the Xinjiang province is bordered by the Gobi desert and some of the highest mountain ranges in the world, making this location incredibly remote.

Video: Ryan Pyle On Covering the China Earthquake

PDN spoke yesterday to Ryan Pyle, a freelance documentary photographer based in China. Pyle is working in Chengdu, a city that was heavily damaged by the May 12 earthquake. Below is a video with excerpts from our phone interview, along with photos of Pyle’s earthquake coverage

Check it out here.