Renowned Canadian photojournalist Ted Grant, lauded for modest brilliance, dies at age 90 | CBC News

Over his career, Grant took pictures of era-defining events and people, from the Vietnam War and the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, to Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson crossing the Olympic finishing line and Pierre Trudeau sliding down a bani

‘Ted’s legacy was himself. It was his caring,’ said Nick Didlick, professional photographer, producer

Talking with the legendary Canadian photojournalist Ted Grant

They call him the father of Canadian photojournalism.

The title is a heavy one, but Ted Grant lives up to it. In 1968 he was the only photographer to capture Pierre Trudeau sliding down a bannister at the Chateau Laurier during the Liberal leadership convention. An image which now partially defines the late prime minister’s demeanour: calm and cool amidst the stuffy world of politics.

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