Interview: Magnum Photographer Publishes Photobook for iPad


In 2009, Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson released his beautiful photobook, Capitolio, capturing the tumultuous upheavals of Caracas, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez. Almost two years later, as first print run copies dwindle, the publishing world is a very different place. The digital age that has long since transformed music, video and media distribution and consumption is now dramatically sweeping into long form books, with media and tablet readers. The last bastion of physical media is still and was always destined to be high-quality image reproduction, embodied in the photobook. But as the march of digital overthrow prepares its final coup de grâce, Anderson asked himself what form this will take. How will audiences be consuming photobooks in the digital age? This week, he’s launching his answer to that question, with the first photobook reproduced as an iPad app. We recently interviewed Anderson on his thought process behind the book’s launch, and how he sees the future of high-end photography reproduction.

Link: Interview: Magnum Photographer Publishes Photobook for iPad « THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS | A PRO PHOTO/VIDEO BLOG

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