Overexposed: A Photographer’s War With PTSD

Overexposed: A Photographer’s War With PTSD

“One of the truly great things about war … is that all you have to do is survive.”

via The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/12/overexposed-a-photographers-war-with-ptsd/266468/1/

“‘I don’t think you can go into the most traumatic situations that arise on earth, voluntarily, and come back unchanged,’ said Ashley Gilbertson, who admits that his experience in Iraq is never far from thought.

Eight years after Gilbertson and Dexter Filkins climbed those steps, those perilous moments on the step have followed Gilbertson.

‘A 22-year-old kid was killed because Ashley needed a photograph,’ Filkins said. ‘He’s tormented by that.’”