The Strange Unreality of Life During Eastern Ukraine's Forgotten War

Four years on from the Minsk Agreements, millions of civilians have gotten used to a new "normal."

Since the conflict began, photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind and I have been covering it as a team. This summer, we worked with eyeWitness to Atrocities, an app developed by the London-based International Bar Association that allows eyewitnesses to record evidence of alleged atrocities from anywhere in the world. Together, we documented the daily life of communities living along the frontline, often just a few kilometers away from the shelling, hoping to highlight the stories of pain and resilience.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: The Most Frightening Thing About War | PROOF

Anastasia Taylor-Lind spent several weeks in August 2014 photographing in Ukraine as fighting intensified in the eastern part of the country between the Ukrainian Army and Russian-backed separatists. Her aim was to document the war as part of her ongoing Negative Zero project, focused on depopulation in Europe. She shares her experience with Proof.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind – The National Womb: Baby Boom in Nagorno Karabakh

Anastasia Taylor Lind The National Womb: Baby Boom In Nagorno Karabakh [ EPF 2012 FINALIST ] ESSAY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT In 2008 Nagorno Karabakh’s de facto government introduced the R…

Nagorno Karabakhs baby boom was also sparked in 2008 by a mass wedding on the 16th October that was held for 674 couples. The event was funded by private donations from several wealthy Armenian diaspora businessmen and couples who participated receive privately funded higher payments. Figures on the 1st July 2011 show that a total of 693 babies had been born to these mass wedding couples so far.

"Well fuck that, is what I say" Christopher Hitchens, duckrabbit, a festive fistful and a challenge to Falmouth University — duckrabbit

Part of the absurd fallout from last week’s ridiculous moment when VII’s Anastasia Taylor Lind jumped to her feet and repeatedly...

Part of the absurd fallout from last week’s ridiculous moment when VII’s Anastasia Taylor Lind jumped to her feet and repeatedly punched duckrabbit in the face at the LCC Masters end of year show after-party, have been the attempts behind the scenes to influence what we do or don’t say about it on our blog. So for any of you concerned or interested, here are ten things worth knowing about duckrabbit, followed by a proposal and a challenge, neither of which involves a face full of knuckles.

VII Photo Agency Brings in New Members | PDNPulse

Three months after VII Pboto announced a shakeup to its structure, the changes at the photographers’ cooperative have finally played out with the announcement today of its new members. They are Davide Monteleone, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Lynsey Addario, Joc

They are Davide Monteleone, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Lynsey Addario, Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Stefano de Luigi, Venetia Dearden, Jessica Dimmock, Adam Ferguson, Ashley Gilbertson, Seamus Murphy, Maciek Nabrdalik, Tomas Van Houtryve and Donald Weber.