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Eli Reed, Rich Clarkson, Bill Eppridge Receive 2011 Lucie Awards

The International Photography Awards (IPA) competition, a sister effort of the Lucie Foundation, is proud to announce its 2011 finalists, who were selected by an international jury panel of photography professionals.  Three of the 21 finalists will be named Photographer of the Year, Discovery of the Year, and Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year, at the Lucie Awards ceremony in October.


AP photographer James Finley inducted into Hall of Fame | PICTURES | STLtoday

Long-time Associated Press photographer, James A. Finley was inducted into the Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame in a 2009 class that also included Bill Eppridge of National Geographic/Life Magazine/Sports Illustrated and Ival Lawhon Jr. of the St. Joseph News Press.


Bill Eppridge: A Personal Reflection on the Photographer in a Tumultuous Time

Like all of Life’s great photographers, Bill Eppridge brought to an assignment much more than the ability to take a properly exposed and well-composed photograph. He has curiosity and anticipates, he is sensitive and respects his subjects, and he is versatile.

For a while it seemed that he specialized in riots and revolutions: in Panama, where he shot his first cover, in Managua, and in Santo Domingo where, in “rebel territory,” his 500-mm mirror lens almost got him killed. It seems that, after days of provocation by someone they had nicknamed ‘One Shot Charlie’ – someone into whose position Bill and his lens innocently stepped – the U.S. 82nd Airborne determined “to get the bastard whenever he moved.” The shot from a .50-caliber spotting rifle missed Bill by inches.

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