Jason Langer: Twenty Years - LENSCRATCH

“Jason seems to have absorbed the entirety of photo history, particularly the so-called “New York School”, identified by historian Jane Livngstone in her book of that title from the early 1990’s: Arbus; Avedon; Brodovitch; Croner; Davidson; Donaghy; Faure

Six years ago, I wrote a review of Jason Langer’s book, 20 Years, published by Radius Books. When we featured the book, I didn’t have the book in hand. Much to my delight, Jason recently sent me a copy and I decided to revisit the project after spending time with his stellar monograph, which still can be purchased here. An interview with Jason follows..

Finding the Noir Without Looking

Jason Langer said he is attracted to the main big themes in life: “love, sex and death.” He keeps those ideas in his back pocket, as he captures stark black-and-white photos on film of simple New York moments.

The pictures suggest a murder mystery, or at least a thickening plot. But the truth is far more innocent. These photographs were taken by Jason Langer, who lives in Portland, Ore., when he was visiting friends in New York City.

Jason Langer Interview - A Photo Editor

Jonathan Blaustein: I noticed on your bio that you were born in Arizona, and raised in Oregon. But it looks like you lived on a kibbutz in Israel for four years. Is that right? Jason Langer: Yes, but that’s not really pertinent to anything. That was in 19

A lot of what I do now is try to carve out every possible minute of the day to allow myself time to do my personal work. As we’re bombarded every day with more and more media, I find I have to make a concerted effort to fall away from the rest of the world, and its responsibilities where possible.