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I will say this; I do think there’s a teeny bit of a shortage of good ideas to be honest with you.  Robert Gilka, then the Chief of Photography for National Geographic once said, “We're up to our armpits in great photographers, but up to our ankles in good ideas.” So the only advice I would give is, “You’re talented, you’re smart, you’re dreamers, you’ve taken this on…so go poke around in some darker corners that haven’t had some light on them yet.”

11 powerful photos from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide

A week after killings began, Washington Post photographer went to the border between Rwanda and Tanzania.

Six days after Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana was assassinated and the killings began in Kigali, Washington Post photographer Michael S. Williamson arrived at the hillside in Ngara district in Tanzania, at the Kigera River border crossing with Rwanda

On Recession Road

Photocasting across America with Michael S. Williamson: A Washington Post photojournalist has spent the year traveling around the country, meeting people whose lives have been altered by the flattened economy.

Washington Post photojournalist Michael S. Williamson is documenting his year-long cross-country journey armed only with a smartphone.