Growing Old Amid Shelling and Frostbite in Ukraine

Paula Bronstein’s images of conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region focuses on an often neglected group — the older population.

To look at Paula Bronstein’s images of the elderly people trapped in Ukraine is to see lives frozen by conflict. Through bitterly cold winters, residents board up their windows and try to avoid shelling and frostbite. When the ground thaws in the summer, those who are physically able tend to their gardens before being sent back inside to stay out of firing range.
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'You Can't Just Walk Away': Why Paula Bronstein Keeps Photographing Afghanistan

A new book by Paula Bronstein features a collection of her photographs taken in Afghanistan, showing both the beautiful and the horrific in a visual compendium of what has happened on the ground during America’s longest war.

Once in Kabul, the photographer Paula Bronstein and I went to visit a mother and her two children as they smoked heroin in the tiny storage room where they lived. Their fingers black with tar, Zaher, 14, and Gulpari, 12, inhaled the drug out of a canoe-shaped piece of foil heated from below, a skill learned from their mother.

15 Years of Hope and Fear in Afghanistan

Paula Bronstein has seen a lot of Afghanistan since she first visited the country nearly 15 years ago during the first few months of the American...

Bronstein returned many times after that initial assignment, often working on stories of her own volition that covered politics, health care, education, and women’s rights. One-hundred and fourteen of her images that speak to Afghanistan’s complex history and culture have now been published as a new book by University of Texas Press titled Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear.

Japan Earthquake: Photographing the aftermath

As the scale of the devastation became apparent, dozens of other photographers packed their bags and headed to Japan too, including Magnum Photos’ Dominic Nahr, VII Photo’s James Natchwey, Paula Bronstein of Getty Images and Associated Press’ David Guttenfelder. Panos Pictures photographer Adam Dean arrived in Tokyo just 20 hours after the earthquake hit – and was shocked by what he found. “I am working with a writer out here and between the two of us, we’ve covered earthquakes in China, Pakistan and Indonesia, cyclones in Burma and tsunamis in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as undercover reporting trips to North Korea and Burma,” he tells BJP. “But from a logistical point of view this has been one of the hardest assignments we’ve had to cover.”

Van Houtryve Wins POYi's Freelance Photographer of the Year Award

Photographer Tomas van Houtryve has won POYi's Photographer of the Year award in the freelance/agency category. His portfolio included several critical essays about the social and political effects of entrenched communist regimes in Moldova, Cuba and China. The second place award went to Getty staff photographer Paula Bronstein, while Marcus Bleasdale, a member of VII, won third place.

Afghanistan Blog – The Digital Journalist

One thing about covering the stories in Afghanistan is that there never seems to be an end to these heartbreaking, agonizing issues – whether it is about the effects of war, abuse against women, disease and hunger, poverty or unemployment.