Schmaltz and Secrecy: The Obama Legacy

It’s the most inward form of photography writing to critique another writer’s thoughts, but reading a recent piece by the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones on the work of White House photographer Pet…

As it was with Regan, so it is now with Obama. If Jones wants a true picture of these last two terms then by all means he is welcome to include some of Souza’s official schmaltz, but if he wants that chronicle to have a grain of truth in it Jones will need to look beyond the photographs on Whitehouse’s Instagram feed. He’ll need to look for photographs which for the most part are still waiting to be taken, or daresay I say it, constructed. Photographs which wait to be given voice in the cells of Fort Leavenworth, amongst the server racks of the NSA’s massive data centers, and in the remote mountains of Waziristan

Limit on Access Stirs Tensions Between White House Photographer and Press Corps

A long-running tug of war over photographs at the White House has been exacerbated by digital technology.

WASHINGTON — Few ceremonies at the White House over the last five years have eluded the lens of Pete Souza, President Obama’s chief photographer and almost constant companion. One that did was Mr. Souza’s wedding, which was held last month in the Rose Garden with the president among 35 friends and family members on hand.

White House Photo Sparks Protest

The Government's proposed reforms of intellectual property are criticised by the British Photographic Council, which says creators should have an unwaivable right to be identified as author of their works.