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Krulwich talks about how he has seen journalism change and issues a call for a new generation to “not wait” for their dream jobs and stories to come, but to go out and find them ourselves. For those of us who are trying to make a career this way, the advice and enthusiastic support is warmly welcome

Link: Robert Krulwich: “Some People Don’t Wait” | dvafoto

Travis Dove swears he didn’t intend to become a photographer — particularly when he was working freelance assignments in North Carolina for $30/day. Earning his Master’s degree from Ohio University and winning both the College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) in 2007 and a World Press Photo award helped him acquire clients, but he still needed a kick in the pants from his accountant to start planning the growth of his business. We had a chance to speak with Travis (really nice guy!) on the phone.

Link: College Photographer of the Year Travis Dove on Creating His Photo Business – A Picture’s Worth | PhotoShelter

Matt Eich was studying photography in college when he and his girlfriend had a baby at 21 years of age. As you can imagine, this forced him to be much more deliberate about growing his photography business and he started freelancing while in college. His vision as a photographer led him the 2006 College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) award, and he also co-founded Luceo Images, which is one of the bright stars to emerge in the photography collective world.

Link: Luceo Images’ Matt Eich on How He Started His Photo Business – A Picture’s Worth | PhotoShelter

While researching our latest guide “Starting a Photography Business,” I had the chance to speak with Greg Smith, who helped develop the NPPA’s Cost of Doing Business calculator while servicing on the Business Practices committee in 2003. He had a lot of tough advice for people starting out in the business, and some of what we talked about echoed John Harrington’s advice about day rates.

Link: Photographers’ Cost of Doing Business – A Picture’s Worth | PhotoShelter

an interview taped Tuesday with combat photographers Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva, both of whom have been seriously injured in the field.

Marinovich: “Just seeing someone — especially a mother over a young child or a young fighter or a young civilian who’s being killed — and that look they give you as you come to photograph them, while you’re kind of apologizing about photographing,” he says. “And people want you photographing to show what’s happened, but that look of hatred — that sometimes you get from a mother — is just so disturbing.”

Link: Two ‘Bang Bang’ War Photographers On Their Injuries, Ethics : NPR

During his recent talk with the HOST Gallery, Simon Roberts discussed the different methods and strategies he employed when photographing the political life and various campaigns during the 2010 General Election campaign.

Link: Simon Roberts, HOST Podcast

Ed Kashi was at HOST Gallery speaking in conversation with Jacobson about the various projects that have shaped his career, in particular, work on Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, aging in America and the Niger Delta.

Link: Ed Kashi, Host podcast


Chris Anderson visited HOST gallery in at the end of last year to launch his new book, Capitolio, in London.
He spoke about being a photographer and how his photography and desire to explore new ways of telling stories has developed over recent years, culminating in the book based on his experiences in Venezuela.

Link: Chris Anderson, Host podcast – Foto8

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