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During his recent talk with the HOST Gallery, Simon Roberts discussed the different methods and strategies he employed when photographing the political life and various campaigns during the 2010 General Election campaign.

Link: Simon Roberts, HOST Podcast

Ed Kashi was at HOST Gallery speaking in conversation with Jacobson about the various projects that have shaped his career, in particular, work on Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, aging in America and the Niger Delta.

Link: Ed Kashi, Host podcast


Chris Anderson visited HOST gallery in at the end of last year to launch his new book, Capitolio, in London.
He spoke about being a photographer and how his photography and desire to explore new ways of telling stories has developed over recent years, culminating in the book based on his experiences in Venezuela.

Link: Chris Anderson, Host podcast – Foto8

Ron Haviv: Saving film from Serbian warlord Arkan | RESOLVE — the liveBooks photo blog:

This month we have a story from Ron Haviv about an encounter with the Serbian paramilitary leader Arkan (at right) while he was covering the Bosnian War during the 1990s. With a little smoke and mirrors, Ron saved his revealing images from confiscation and helped share the horrors of ethnic cleansing he saw with the world. Much of the work is collected in his book, Blood and Honey.

NPR: NPR’s Photographer Reports From Afghanistan:

NPR staff photographer David Gilkey says that the number one rule for a photographer is: never abandon your equipment. But he decided to do just that — leaving most of his things behind except a camera, a lens and a bulletproof vest. What was supposed to be a brief patrol with the Marines in southern Afghanistan turned into a 7-day trek through the surprisingly lush Helmand River Province.

Trekking in temperatures well over 110 degrees, the Marines abandoned almost all of their belongings except their weapons, and dodged almost constant fire with only the clothes on their backs.

via apad

Ross Taylor Podcast – APAD:

One of my favorite APADers, “an honest to goodness true photojournalist” Ross Taylor was interviewed by Robert Norman for his Connecticut PHODcast (Photographers of Distinction). Like Robert says, “Listen up and you may learn something.”

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