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IN early 1968 Josef Koudelka decided to give up his job as an aeronautical engineer and devote himself full time to photography. It was a luminous moment in Czechoslovakia: the political reformist Alexander Dubcek had just come to power and lifted some of the Soviet-bloc-style restrictions on political freedom. The country teemed with excitement as the government ended press censorship and broached democratic reforms.

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Sean O'Hagan meets photographer Josef Koudelka who captured the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague


Forty years on from the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague, we meet Josef Koudelka, the man who captured the most startling images of that dramatic week, then went on to become one of the greatest photojournalists of our time

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Koudelka, published by Delpire, Paris, 2006.


New Koudelka book

From Magnum Photos:


Publisher : Actes Sud, Arles, 2006.