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  • People Are Now Playing Quake Live


    Quake Live, the upcoming free in-browser version of Quake, is sending out beta invitations to the service. Users are directed to

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  • 8-Bit Jesus: Full Album Release


    Just in time for Christmas, it’s the full version of 8-Bit Jesus: Classic Christmas Songs in the Style of Classic NES Games. This full release contains 18 tracks total, including improved variations of a few of the original nine!

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  • Video: Real-life Mario Kart – Offworld

  • i made this. you play this. we are enemies

  • Countdown to Brütality – Offworld


    DoubleFine’s black metal adventure Brütal Legend, the sophomore game from the studio behind Psychonauts, headed by former LucasArts designer Tim Schafer.

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  • Your game face


    New York Times’ video from Robbie Cooper’s ‘Immersion’ project, which is photographing the reactions of children entranced by games

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  • Text-adventure game award-winners of 2008: – Boing Boing


    IFComp 2008, The 14th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition and keeper of the old-school text-game torch, recently declared its winners. Bronze went to my game, Everybody Dies, silver went to Eric Eve’s Nightfall, and the gold went to Jeremy Freese’s Violet.

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  • Osama bin Fragged: a review of terrorist propaganda games

    bushshot-1 1.jpg

    These were the questions I sought to answer, and in this article, I give you the results of my experiment: a review of two representative terrorist propaganda games.

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  • Nintendo shows off new DSi with camera, app store


    Nintendo hosted its latest press conference in Tokyo last night, and with the gaming giant not displaying its goods at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the press was expecting some big announcements from the event, and no one was disappointed. New hardware, new games, and new services were all announced and detailed, but the biggest news has to be the revamped Nintendo DS, called the DSi. 

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    north-korean-arcade-photos-8a 1.jpg

    A man took these photos inside an amusement arcade in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea.

    Check it out here. Via BoingBoing.

  • Atari Modern Classics : : The -Minus World

    Portal 1.jpg

    But what if the biggest games of now fell into the hands of a 2600-era artist? We’d have Atari Modern Classics, a vintage look at our new favorites through the pixelated beer goggles of an era where simplicity was king.

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  • 1978 LED Football Game Coming Soon to iPhone | Touch Arcade

    electronic_football2 1.jpg

    iPhone version of the old 1978 electronic handheld football game

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  • scott c: 8-Bit Showdowns… the prints.

    yhst-55480592074684_2017_0 1.jpg

    But that’s ok because Paper Tiger is doing a super limited print run of the 8-Bit Showdown paintings. Only 30 of each set. 2 sets. Signed and all that.

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  • scott c: I AM 8BIT!! flyers… collect them!


    Hey, everyone. So this is what’s happening: I AM 8BIT opens on AUG 14 at World of Wonder in LA. There are 4 different flyers for this show. All of these flyers have a different video game on them that you can cut-out and construct yourself and make your own little arcade.

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  • Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball


    THE SITUATION facing the pinball designers at Williams Electronic Games in 1998: come up with something new, or see the world’s largest pinball manufacturer be shut down forever. And Williams’ designers did come up with something amazing: a brand new kind of pinball machine—”Pinball 2000″—that fused video with classic pinball gameplay, preserving what was great about pinball yet opening up all-new possibilities for a product thought to be on its last legs. Yet soon after its successful and highly-profitable launch, Williams pulled the plug, leaving behind unanswered questions and abandoning one of the world’s great design organizations. TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball is a documentary that tells the story behind one of entertainment’s most mysterious failures.

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  • New D&D Rolls a 20 for Playability

    Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition is going to change just about everything for the dice-rolling set.

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  • 7 Jobs That Are Better In Video Games Than In Real Life

    69116-4 1.jpg

    Photojournalists— #4 on the list:

    Photogs like Dead Rising’s Frank West and Disaster Report’s Keith Helm embody what every photojournalist wants to be; in the thick of the action, kicking some ass (objectivity be damned), and taking the controversial shot that blows a worldwide conspiracy wide open. Sure, some war photojournalists get to take some pretty gripping shots, but most are stuck taking pictures of blue-haired elderly ladies complaining at town hall meetings or sleeping in their car waiting for Britney Spears to leave her house and (hopefully) leave her baby on the roof of the car as she drives off to Starbucks.

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  • Sinistar meets Dick and Jane – Boing Boing

    sinistardickjane 1.jpg

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  • No Game About Nazis for Nintendo – New York Times

    “Disgusting concept. Some people have no shame,” wrote one video game blog reader. Another called it “pretty creepy.”
    The game, called Imagination Is the Only Escape, apparently will not be distributed within the United States. It casts players in the role of a young boy in eastern France during the German occupation who seeks escape from real-life horror through a fantasy world.
    Darkly illustrated and full of gruesome historical facts, it is a far cry from the normal fare written for the Nintendo DS, which tends toward games featuring cute ponies and the like (DS stands for double screen).

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  • Terror-Themed Game Suspended –


    In the video game that Wafaa Bilal created, his avatar is steely-eyed and hooded, with an automatic rifle at his side, an ammunition belt around his waist, a fuse in his hand and the mien of a knightly suicide-bomber. He is the “Virtual Jihadi.”
    The Iraqi-born, Chicago-based artist said he adapted his game from an earlier version made by al-Qaeda’s media branch to raise questions about Americans’ conceptions of the enemy in Iraq.
    His work was briefly exhibited Thursday night at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. The game was projected on a giant screen so that one viewer at a time could play — until administrators shut down the show Friday morning. The institute needed time to review the show’s “origin, content and intent,” said William N. Walker, a vice president

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