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Interview: Asim Rafiqui’s “Bagram: The Other Guantanamo”

The project features portraits and interviews with family members of the nearly 40 Pakistani men still detained at the Bagram base in Afghanistan and is presented in a highly organized and internally referenced website that links the families, prisoners and their stories


Christopher Morris, ‘Shut up, stop thinking for yourself and kneel before the almighty war photographer’s pictures’. Rafiqui., ‘Err, maybe not tonight Chris’.

The VII photographer Christopher Morris has responded to my post ‘The War Photographers biggest story: themselves‘, which I published a few days ago, and which seems to have hit a nerve. I’m posting his comment in full below as well as a response from Asim Rafiqui, who recieved The Aftermath grant in 2009.


Asim Rafiqui: Portraits of Survival


::: The Travel Photographer :::: Asim Rafiqui: Portraits of Survival:

Asim Rafiqui is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and started his career in 2003 by focusing on stories from Afghanistan and Pakistan while pursuing personal projects on issues related to the aftermath of conflict. He has since produced stories from Iraqi Kurdistan, Haiti, Israel, and the tribal areas of Pakistan. He was awarded the 2009 Aftermath Grant for his project The Idea of India. He contributes regularly to National Geographic (France), Stern (Germany), Newsweek, and Time (Asia).