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Of Drought and Man in the West – The New York Times

Four photographers –  Christaan Felber, Bryan Schutmaat,Jake Stangel and Michael Friberg – were enlisted by photo editors  Luise Stauss and Ayanna Quint to document man’s mistakes and their consequences. Mr. Friberg, who has lived in the West for the last decade, thought he knew the issues facing the Colorado River. He soon discovered he was wrong.


Contemplative Portraits and Landscapes Explore Working People of the American West

Equipped with a large format view camera, and inspired by the poetry of Richard Hugo, I’ve aimed to hint at narratives and relay the experiences of strangers met in settings that spur my own emotions. Ultimately, this body of work is a meditation on small town life, the landscape, and more importantly, the inner landscapes of common men.—Bryan Schutmaat