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INVISIBLE – VII The Magazine

Franco Pagetti captures the bleak mood pervading Afghanistan and its environs today. Despite the massive presence of Western soldiers, large parts of Afghanistan remain in limbo. For most ordinary Afghans, little has changed for the better, and much has changed for the worse, especially in the countryside, where the Taliban remains strong and entrenched.


Worth a Look: “Our World At War” by the photographers of VII and the International Committee of the Red Cross

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dvafoto says:

VII and the International Committee of the Red Cross have just unveiled their globe-spanning project documenting current humanitarian crises, “Our World At War.” The work includes: Lebanon by Franco Pagetti, Afghanistan by James Nachtwey, Haiti by Ron Haviv, Caucasus by Antonin Kratochvil, Liberia by Christopher Morris, Colombia by Franco Pagetti, Philippines by James Nachtwey, and Congo by Ron Haviv.