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Ag-Gag Arrest: National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz arrested for photographing Kansas feedlot

A spokesman for the Kansas Livestock Association told the Hutchinson [Kansas] News that Steinmetz’s activities could pose a safety risk to the food supply and reminds agricultural operators to remain vigilant in identifying and reporting similar incidents.


Up in the Air

George Steinmetz‘s new exhibition and book, Desert Air, is the first comprehensive photographic collection of the world’s “extreme deserts”, which receive less than four inches of precipitation a year.  This body of work, culled from 15 years of shooting, takes the viewer from China’s Gobi Desert to the Sahara in northern Africa to Death Valley in California.


LOOK3 Preview: Goldin, Kratochvil, Vitali Headline Fest Curated by Kathy Ryan and Scott Thode

Substantial exhibitions of the work of Nan Goldin, Massimo Vitali and Antonin Kratochvil are the major highlights, and the three artists will also talk about their work, with Goldin appearing in a unique conversation with Sally Mann. In addition the festival will feature “Master’s Talks” and exhibitions by Christopher Anderson, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ashley Gilbertson, David Liitschwager, Steve McCurry, Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell, as well as a special exhibition of George Steinmetz photographs hung from trees in downtown Charlottesville.


l e n s c r a t c h: George Steinmetz

I've been holding onto my copy of the April 19th issue of the The New Yorker because of an image by George Steinmetz. It's the kind of image that is remarkable in so many ways, and I knew that there had to be a rich body of work behind it, and trust me, George's site is the motherload of stunning and compelling work.