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  • Photographer Paolo Pellegrin's best shot

    Photographer Paolo Pellegrin’s best shot | Art and design | The Guardian: ‘They were running from home. I knelt by their car and took this through the window’

  • Paolo Pellegrin Turns in a Great Performance of His Own

    Pellegrin traveled around the world to capture these movie stars in various locations. He also had the help of a post production team in Europe and the US to retouch the images. But I don’t think it dimishes the images — we want our movie stars to look immaculate and mythological. And these pictures do…

  • Access to Life

    In Access to Life, eight Magnum photographers portray people in nine countries around the world before and four months after they began antiretroviral treatment for AIDS. Paolo Pellegrin in Mali, Alex Majoli in Russia, Larry Towell in Swaziland and South Africa, Jim Goldberg in India, Gilles Peress in Rwanda, Jonas Bendiksen in Haiti, Steve McCurry…

  • Grim Truth at Gitmo by Sarah Coleman

    Magnum shooter Paolo Pellegrin describes how he dealt with the challenges of photojournalism at Guantanamo. Check it out here.

  • PDN Pulse- Photographers Evicted from Brooklyn "Kibbutz"

    PDNPulse: “Paolo Pellegrin, David Alan Harvey, Alex Majoli, Robert Clark, Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen are among the photographers who had to evacuate their building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Sunday due to fire hazards and building code violations. An AP story reports that the loft building at 475 Kent Street –…

  • Overseas Press Club Awards

    Overseas Press Club Awards

    From the American Photo site: Paolo Pellegrin, Q. Sakamaki, Kristen Ashburn and Farah Nosh took the photography prizes at the 68th Annual Overseas Press Club awards, presented by CBS News anchor Katie Couric at a dinner Thursday night in New York. Pellegrin won the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal for his photo essay “True Pain:…

  • War On Drugs In Afghanistan

    War On Drugs In Afghanistan



    Photo essay by Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum Photos: In Afghanistan opium fuels everything from the culture, the politics, the economy and the resurgent Taliban fighters. Paolo Pellegrin went to the remote southern provinces where the war on drugs, alongside that with the insurgency is raging. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) is working in Afghanistan alongside…

  • Eugene Smith Fund 2006 : Paolo Pellegrin

    Eugene Smith Fund 2006 : Paolo Pellegrin

    Magnum Photos: What happened in Manhattan in September of 2001 sparked a monumental response that affected the lives of most of the world’s inhabitants and continues to do so still today. Since that moment Paolo Pellegrin began a journey through the Muslim world and into the lives of it’s people, beginning, backwards, in Marseille: the…

  • Paolo Pellegrin Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant

    Paolo Pellegrin Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant

    PDN: “Paolo Pellegrin brings a passion and extraordinary eye to a story that has consumed the Western world since 9/11,” said Helen Marcus, president of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, in a press release. “He follows in Gene Smith’s footsteps bringing the world’s attention to a furious debate of historic proportions.” A second award,…

  • Haiti


    Magnum Photos: Paolo Pellegrin went to Haiti in February 2006, during the elections, to see the situation at firsthand. Here.

  • Conflict in Southern Lebanon

    Conflict in Southern Lebanon

    Photos by Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum: Israel has told the world that it is targeting only Hezbollah, not civilians, and that is true to a degree, but day after day the bombing continues. As of August 14, 2006 over 1000 Lebanese civilians have been killed. These photographs were taken in Southern Lebanon in late July/early August…

  • Magnum Photographer Paolo Pellegrin Injured In Lebanon

    PDN: Photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin of Magnum Photos was one of several people injured in an Aug. 6 missile attack in southern Lebanon. Pellegrin and reporter Scott Anderson were traveling together in Tyre on assignment for The New York Times Magazine. They were treated for their injuries and now are back at work in Lebanon. “They’re…

  • Pakistan Aftermath

    Pakistan Aftermath



    Photos by Paolo Pellegrin from MagnumPhotos: Last October’s earthquake in Kashmir was the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history. The tremor killed more than 80,000 people and injured hundred of thousands. Eight months after the catastrophy, some 3 million people still remain homeless. The relief operation has been ongoing and massive: helicopters have flown more…

  • Angola. Cholera epidemic. 2006.

    Angola. Cholera epidemic. 2006.

    Photo Essay by Paolo Pellegrin, from MagnumPhotos: Since February 2006, Angola is going through its worst ever cholera epidemic, with 33,000 cases reported and more than 1,200 deaths. Over the 16,200 cases occurred in Luanda, Angolan capital city, more than 13,000 have been treated by the medical orgqnisqtion Médecins Sans Frontières. The outbreak has rapidly…

  • Tel Aviv, Paolo Pellegrin

    Tel Aviv, Paolo Pellegrin

    Photographs of Tel Aviv, Israel, by Paolo Pellegrin, from Magnum Photos. Here.

  • The Web This Morning

    Photos – Martin Parr’s Parking Spaces Photos – Paolo Pellegrin’s World Press wins Photos – Bolivian Elections by Christopher Anderson NYT – General says training of Iraqi troops suffered from poor planning and staffing