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Beyond 7 Billion

After remaining stable for most of human history, the world's population has exploded over the last two centuries. The boom is not over: The biggest generation in history is just entering its childbearing years. The coming wave will reshape the planet, and the impact will be greatest in the poorest, most unstable countries. BY KENNETH R. WEISS :: PHOTOGRAPHY BY RICK LOOMIS


Chimping – A documentary of photojournalists

Featuring Pulitzer Prize winners Preston Gannaway and Rick Loomis, Emmy Award winner Paula Lerner, along with Todd Maisel, Chris Usher, Angela Rowlings, Edward Greenberg, Stan Wolfson, and Rita Reed.


Rick Loomis: Unforgotten Casualties

Toward the end of that fight, when the Marines and Loomis were evacuating the area, he had to make a decision. Was he only a photographer, or was he going to put down his cameras and help a young Marine, Lance Cpl. Aaron Austin, who had been shot several times through the chest during the battle? Loomis remembered the admonition of veteran photojournalist David LaBelle, who always said, “Be a human first,” and helped carry Austin out of danger.


Iraq Through Rick Loomis’ Eyes

APAD says:

This is a really great look at covering a war — through a photojournalist’s lens. LA Times photojournalist Rick Loomis takes you from his storage locker in California into battle in Fallouja. The self portraits over time are very telling, and there are some fun stories about drinking Saddam’s wine seeing a woman for the first time in weeks.