Sports Shooter Newsletter Decade Collection

As this decade ends, I wanted to commemorate its passing by collecting images from these special people that have helped me over the years. I asked them to select an image of theirs that is historic, unique, revealing or memorable. Most of all, I wanted the image to be something personal … an image special to them.

How to Photograph Football – A Picture's Worth

Football is easily my favorite sport to photograph. Combining peak action, great emotion and a sense of ritual and ceremony, football is not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also your camera. There's a reason why up to 100,000 fans pack stadiums every weekend, planning days, weekends and even annual vacations around games.

Best Seat in the House | The Seattle Times

2004125428 1.jpg

Best Seat in the House | The Seattle Times, Rod Mar: “I had such a blast at what ended up as the final Seahawks game of the season.

Snow, the playoffs, a natural grass field, and Green Bay’s legendary Lambeau Field all made for an incredible environment in which to shoot photos.

As many of you know, Seattle got run over by the Green Bay Packers, 42-20.

And as the old cliche’ goes, ‘the game wasn’t as close as the score indicated’.”