12 Photographers Reflect on Images of Solidarity

Bruce Davidson, Miranda Barnes, Sohrab Hura and more on how photographs can represent solidarity—from demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression, to moments of community and connection.

How can photographs represent solidarity? From Bruce Davidson’s iconic images of the Civil Right Movement to Richie Shazam’s coverage of the massive Black Trans Lives Matter march in Brooklyn last month, the act of solidarity can be seen in these demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression. But solidarity is also captured in moments of community and connection, as seen in the work of Chien-Chi Chang and Denise Stephanie.

The Documentary Photography Issue VII: Home, reimagined

It feels as if our relationship with the idea of home is changing.  Across the world, nationalism finds itself dancing freely with far-right politics, while political divisions have chopped families right down the middle, transforming previously tight-kni

‘Home’ is both a physical and imagined space – a state and place of belonging. In our annual celebration of visual storytelling, join us as we spotlight the photographers capturing it in all of its wildly different guises.

Magnum Gets an Injection of New Talent From Six Photographers | American Photo

This year the organization is considering a record number of new Magnum associates to potentially join their ranks: Matt Black, Carolyn Drake, Sohrab Hura, Lorenzo Meloni, Max Pinckers and Newsha Travakolian. To celebrate the history-making occasion Milk Gallery is currently hosting, Magnum Photos: New Blood, an exhibition that highlights the diverse points of view of each of these photographers.

Mother, Son, Schizophrenia

The Indian photographer Sohrab Hura’s photo journal “Life Is Elsewhere” shows his mother’s struggle with mental illness.

“There is a lot of suffering in this house,” the Indian photographer Sohrab Hura writes in a note printed at the beginning of his photo journal “Life Is Elsewhere.” In 1999, when Hura was seventeen years old, his mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and in the following years the house they shared was overtaken by her illness. In the book, which Hura self-published last month, he describes her screaming obscenities, obsessively changing the locks on the door, beating him with a stick, and at times disbelieving that he was her son

Magnum elects Sohrab Hura as newest nominee

Magnum Photos has named Indian photographer Sohrab Hura as its latest nominee. The announcement was made following the agency's annual general meeting, which took place in New York at the weekend. 'Olivia Arthur and Susan Meiselas encouraged me to apply,'

Magnum Photos names Indian photographer Sohrab Hura as a nominee following the agency's 67th AGM

sohrab hura – oasis | burn magazine

Picture 5.png

Sohrab Hura – oasis | burn magazine:

As darkness fell, it brought with it a sense of loneliness. I had been to Siem Reap in Cambodia some years ago when it had felt different. The roads were dustier, the people more… well, visible, and the town was a sleepier one.