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It’s true what you hear.  You will not sleep.  You may miss meals while on assignment.  Be prepared for both. Bring some granola bars or other snacks to keep in your camera bag. Get some sleep before you get there so you don’t come in already spent.  I hate seeing students sleep through some great presentations because they stayed up all week before the workshop reworking their portfolios, and they’ve stayed up each night at the workshop drinking crappy beer and chatting with friends.  But when those lights go out in the barn, eyes close, heads go down… and a lot of powerful pictures and inspiration are missed.

the life of m: Meek & Mighty


the life of m: Meek & Mighty:

Despite the early wake up time, the 2009 St. Anthony’s Meek & Mighty Triathlon was a blast to shoot. The athletes were incredibly inspiring, and there was no shortage of cool things to shoot at every turn.

The “Feral Child” and the Pulitzer


From dvafoto:

“Bottom line I don’t think I could have done ‘The Girl in the Window’ without Melissa.”

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the life of m: Tabula Rosa

To start anew is to go back to that sense of wonder and awe

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the life of m: The Girl in the Window

dani_window 1.jpg

She was found curled up in a filthy room, unable to speak or make eye contact.

They called her a feral child.

Could nurturing make up for a lifetime of neglect?

The girl in the window is a story about a 9-year-old girl named Dani. Ultimately it’s a story about hope.

Check it out here.

the life of m: Rough Edges

obama_square 1.jpg

I tried staying on the periphery today — details… the crowd… the lights… secret service agents… all caught my eye.

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the life of m: The Sleeping Giant Awakes

dormant2 1.jpg

Photo by M

photography is not only a record of the moment and of the event in front of you — for me it’s also a record of myself. and there are times, when i want no paper trail, no indicator of my mood, no recollection of the destination… no memory of myself.

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the life of m: Meet Dani

dani1-1 1.jpg


My favorite writer and I are starting an absolutely heartbreaking story on a little girl named Dani, who was removed from her biological mom’s home a year ago. When the police found her she was locked in a room about the size of a closet, living in her own excrement (and that of a cat that was locked in there with her), with nothing more than a baby bottle and a bare mattress. That’s apparently where she spent the first 7 years of her life.

Check it out here.