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In the Bears Ears region of Southeastern Utah, there is an area of winding canyons known by Navajo people as Nahoniti’ino – or the hiding place. American Indians used the landscape to elude U.S. military troops in 1864, as thousands were being marched by gunpoint down to Fort Sumner in New Mexico. Hundreds died from hunger and exhaustion in what became known as the Long Walk, a brutal chapter that five tribes highlight in a lawsuit they recently filed against President Donald Trump.


expired at the kentucky derby | Redlights and Redeyes

My goal, now – albeit pretty lofty – is to spend the next year trying to shoot every major sport’s biggest game with expired film. I’ve been buying lots of film off eBay, friends have been sending it to me (hint), and now I’ve accumulated rolls in varying speeds and ages (all the way back to the 60’s) to go after this thing. I don’t care if I make money off of it, for me this is a challenge, a way to recharge my thinking and to be honest just to have fun carrying around three clanky Nikon F series cameras around my neck.


expired at the daytona 500 | Redlights and Redeyes

This was an awesome experience to approach a shoot with a different process – and that art-making process gets lost in the craziness of this business. Getting imagery out to the world in the matter of seconds just because we can seems to have taken over the fun and thought of what it was like in the film days (which makes me sound old at 38). Slowing down that process and having an interactive, personal experience with pictures is something I’m so happy to bring back into my workflow – if even for just a single shoot. All that being said film is a pain in the ass. We have it so easy now


auto focus | the player’s tribune | Redlights and Redeyes

I’ve never shot IndyCar before this shoot for the fine folks at The Player’s Tribune, but what I learned in a couple days of running around the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg reaffirmed everything I thought it would be from covering other racing:  it’s extremely loud, painfully hot, but so much fun to shoot


leica en méxico

Color is what drives me and how I see.  It’s the first thing I look for when breaking down a scene, and the last thing that stands in the way of a good photo.  Without it, you’re in black-and-white-land, and as much I love BW photography, there’s nothing like an oversaturated gratuitous explosion of color within four corners of a frame.  It is my mistress, my muse, and my mission.


visual playground | leica workshop | south beach + calle ocho

You could be forgiven for not getting too excited about the camera in Apple's new flagship iPhone 5S. They've put dozens of tweaks into it, but not a single one sounds... sexy. It's still 8 megapixels, it still doesn't zoom, and the phone's still the same size as last year. Do all the little changes add up to something bigger?


a week with wolverines | espn the mag

I love gigs for this client.  ESPN the Magazine sent me to follow around the University of Michigan Wolverines for a week as they entered a tough stretch of games in the BIG 10.  I travelled with the team on their plane and buses all day with full access to whatever we needed.  Quite refreshing access, and the University was amazing with their hospitality.


go irish and/or roll tide

 I sat there after the first half with Alabama up several touchdowns up on Notre Dame and ate a terrible hot dog in a media room where all the photographers just looked depressed.  All of the excitement, the adrenaline, and preparedness was sucked right out of everyone.  No hopes of a comeback.  There were just a lot of shocked Notre Dame faces and chants of “Roll Tide!”  Over.  And over.  And over


lebron, wade, and i

So LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and I were there together hanging out and….well, there really isn’t going to be a time I get to say that again, so I’m going to take advantage now. I was lucky enough to be part of the huge team that the fine folks at ESPN the Magazine put together for their latest One Day, One Game series. The point is to give fans a glimpse into everything that it takes for one single game to be put on with vignettes from every angle imaginable.  It was one of my most fun shooting days ever, and I don’t think I can really go back to “normal” access after this.  Of course I will, but now will at least have a hard time wondering why I can come back into the locker room and photograph a player in the ice bath.


I-4 or bust

I-4 is an interesting road.  Connecting Daytona, Orlando and Tampa, it slices the nub of South Florida right off the map, it provides a vast array of landmarks – strange kitschy theme parks, vasectomy billboards, and rest stop oasis after oasis.  It is also fertile ground for voters and an area candidates target every election cycle.