Blind – The Egyptian Revolution, Ten Tears Later

Ten years after the Revolution, she is coming out with a new version of her book In The Shadow of the Pyramids, which at the time portrayed the emotional chaos the photographer felt when, in 2005, she left the U.S. to return to Egypt, where she experienced the political whirlwind that was transforming her country then.

Beyond Here is Nothing: the new book by Laura El-Tantawy – The Eye of Photography

Looking for home, for the place where she belongs has come to define the visual language of photographer Laura El-Tantawy. Born in the UK to Egyptian parents, Laura El-Tantawy has spent much of her life between cultures, living in England, and America and holidaying in Egypt. This yo-yoing between such diverse cultures has left her questioning the idea of home and where she may fit, a question that follows her no matter where she rests her head.

The People by Laura El-Tantawy – The Eye of Photography

Laura El-Tantawy recently released a newspaper version of her book, In the Shadow of the Pyramids. This new format offers a different experience from the book, taking away the personal narrative in favor of the words of the people. And this, in Arabic, because it’s the language of the revolution, as well as the photographer’s first language.

Egypt : Laura El-Tantawy In the Shadow of the Pyramids – The Eye of Photography

We enter Laura El-Tantawy’s book through the tiny door, after swallowing the bitter potion of History. As in a dream, the almost illegible images of the first pages gradually become clear as we pass from a small format to double-page spreads which draw the reader into the whirlwind that has devastated Egypt over the past ten years. We follow the emotional chaos that El-Tantawy experienced upon her return from the United States, in 2005, against a background of political decadence.