Ryan McGinley's Advice to Young Photographers

I didn't go to Parsons' graduation ceremony last month, but people tell me I missed a remarkable commencement speech delivered by photographer Ryan McGinley.

I photographed every little thing—all my food, doorways covered in graffiti, and my friends and roommates. I tortured my first boyfriend, Marc, by capturing each moment of our relationship. I was obsessed with documenting my life. So that’s my advice to you: Find something to be obsessed with, and then obsess over it.

Ryan McGinley: You and I (9 Photos)

Ryan McGinley’s premier retrospective monograph, You and I recently released by Twin Palms Publishers creates a portrait of a generation that is savvy about visual culture and acutely aware of how identity can be communicated through photography.

Judge Dismisses Copyright Suit Against Ryan McGinley as “Wasteful” | PDNPulse

A federal district court judge has dismissed photographer Janine Gordon’s suit against photographer Ryan McGinley, and also offered a useful refresher course on the basics of copyright law. In June, Gordon sued McGinley and his galleries, alleging that th

Gordon’s “apparent theory of infringement would assert copyright interests in virtually any figure with outstretched arms, any interracial kiss, or any nude torso,” the judge wrote. “Such a conception of copyright law has no basis in statute, case law, or common sense.”

INTERVIEW: "Ryan McGinley" (2007)

I loved photography graffiti writers because I identified with their insanity. These crazy kids that wrote their name tens of thousands of times all over the city. Hanging off rooftops 15 stories up to make their art. I felt the same making photos all day and night everyday and night. I was so fascinated by that lifestyle. I was always up for an adventure and never afraid to get in trouble. All of these subcultures tie into one another. Skating, graffiti, music; there are so many crossovers. Music has always been a large part of my life, defining the way I dressed , my attitude, my beliefs. All of these elements play a large roll in my photographs.

When Is Too Much Copyright Bad For Photography? - A Photo Editor

I don’t want to get on a jag about copyright infringement here, but a lawsuit filed this week against Ryan McGinley illustrates how copyright can potentially impinge artist’s creative expression if taken too far. Rachel Corbett of ArtNet.com writes: Artis

I don’t want to get on a jag about copyright infringement here, but a lawsuit filed this week against Ryan McGinley illustrates how copyright can potentially impinge artist’s creative expression if taken too far.

Worth a look: The Shooting Gallery – videos about photographers

The Shooting Gallery, a tumblr featuring videos about photographers. The videos are divided into two categories: photographers talking and photographers shooting. There are 14 pages of archives to the blog, in which you’ll find videos about the likes of Richard Prince, Donald Weber, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jeff Mermelstein, Stephen Shore, Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman, Ryan McGinley, William Eggleston (including this ridiculous interview on the Today Show), and many others.

Different Angles on the Portrait

The photographers Ryan McGinley and Catherine Opie hold a visual conversation through their portraits in two Manhattan galleries.

While putting together the catalog that accompanies his current show at Team Gallery, Ryan McGinley asked another photographer, Catherine Opie, if she would interview him. In some ways it was a strange choice. Ms. Opie, 49, is best known for studio portraits that are as static and deliberate as the 32-year-old Mr. McGinley’s photographs are hyperkinetic. And while both artists explore queer identity, they’re separated by gender, geography and nearly a generation.

Dossier Journal » Ryan McGinley Interview

This Thursday, Ryan McGinley will have his third solo show at Team Gallery. An exhibition of new work, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, will run from March 18 through April 17 and will be accompanied by a monograph published by Dashwood Book. David Strettell, the book’s publisher (also, of course, the owner of the New York’s only independent photography bookstore, Dashwood), spoke with Ryan for us to help us understand his segue from outdoor colors to black and white studio portraiture. Ryan also provided us with a preview of images from the new book.

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Breaking Through by Ryan McGinley

breakingthrough2 1.jpg


Continuing the pimping (not in the Chelsea kind of way) of Hollywood’s actors and Oscar nominees, NY Times Magazine has an article featuring the people they thought were the breakthrough actors of 2007. Along with it though are some wonderful photos taken by one of my faves, Ryan McGinley. Overall the photos aren’t his best, it kind of feels like he made them a little more mainstream and a little less conceptual. But it’s also kind of cool to see him shooting big name actors and actresses.

Check it out here.