In The Ring Light: Scott Strazzante - by BP Miller - The Photo Brigade

In his new column, BP Miller interviews photographer Scott Strazzante about his career and new book "Shooting From The Hip".

Recently I had a chance to sit down with photojournalist Scott Strazzante. Among his achievements over the years: A Pulitzer for his work with the Chicago Tribune in 2007, 10 time Illinois Photographer of the Year, and NPPA Photographer of the Year.

Buying the Farm, Building a Subdivision

A quick assignment on a farm turned into a two-decade look at what happened when developers transformed the farmland into a suburban subdivision.

Scott Strazzante thought he had a quick newspaper assignment photographing a farm in suburban Chicago. Instead, he spent the next 20 years documenting life there and on the suburban subdivision that replaced it.

Shooting from the Hip SF Style

  Greetings from the West Coast! I just finished my first week in the Bay Area and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new locale. SF: The Hip is the new iteration of my former Shooting …

Just like in Chicago, SF: The Hip will consist of a heavy dose of iPhone street photography mixed with my daily work at the San Francisco Chronicle and some occasional musings about the state of photojournalism.

embracing the cliche – Shooting from the Hip

At my day job, I need my work to appeal to a wide range of photographic IQs. But, with my street work, I guess I am aiming to please the photo literate and when, I make an image that is too popular, in a weird way, I don't feel as good as when I make an image that only photographers like.

When Photos Lie: Sticking Up for Jalen Brunson

I felt the image could be misconstrued, so, I decided that it would be reckless of me to transmit the photo and take a chance that someone who didn't see the play unfold would think that Jalen Brunson was flipping off the crowd or officials. A photographer from the Peoria newspaper decided to send his version of the image and it was published online with the caption- "Jalen Brunson of Lincolnshire Stevenson makes a gesture to the Chicago Whitney Young crowd." The Twitter-verse exploded. Brunson's historic game was now just a side show to an online circus.

big boys basketball

The ad used a photo of a pot of gold, captioned with "Your pot of gold is right here baby. Report unlicensed software and GET PAID." The photo used in the ad was of a cake baked by Cakecentral user Bethasd


I was assigned to photograph Dolores Pittman, a blind 67-year-old grandmother, as she spent the final days in what had been her home for the past 55 years in Cedar Lake, Indiana.

PDN Video Pick: Scott Strazzante on iPhone Street Photography | PDNPulse

Chicago Tribune staff photographer Scott Strazzante has built an Instagram following of more than 18,000, and is also author of a popular blog called Shooting from the Hip. He sat down for a video interview with PDN at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph

He sat down for a video interview with PDN at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, Virginia last month to explain the tools and techniques he uses to capture unguarded moments of everyday people on the streets of Chicago, New York and other cities

A conversation with Scott Strazzante about Common Ground

The vast majority of my successful diptychs have come about when I just shoot without looking to match farm photos. Only two of the pairings were planned before hand. One was the aerial comparison and the other was shooting out of a second floor bedroom window in the Grabenhofer home to match a photo I had from the second floor of the Cagwin farmhouse. The rest happen when something I shoot on Cinnamon Court reminds me of a farm photo or I make an image that I really like and I pore through my farm negs looking for a match. I don’t really put much thought into the project as a whole when I am shooting at the subdivision. I photograph there like I do when I shoot any other assignment.

Scott Strazzante: Shooting from the Hip

By Jim Colton

I no longer seek perfection; in fact, I embrace the flaws in mine and others’ photography. I seek out subtle images that allow me to linger and discover small surprises as I soak in an image’s content.  However, as a daily newspaper photographer, I can’t get too caught up in my “art.” I strive to make images that are unique and creative but also accessible to all who view them. 

if it plays in peoria

I photographed the only Chicagoland team playing this weekend, Seton Academy, and Illini Central's Class 1A championship win over Madison.