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  • Photo Books Show Two Different Iraqs

    Photo Books Show Two Different Iraqs

    From PDN: With the benefit of more time, two recent photo books have tried to show the war from new angles. They take fundamentally different approaches: one from the viewpoint of the American solider, the other from the viewpoint of the Iraqi citizens. Here. The books:

  • Iraq war correspondents discuss…

    From UC Berkeley News: Jackie Spinner, Washington Post staff writer and author of “Tell Them I Didn’t Cry,” an account of a year spent in Baghdad starting in May 2004, disagreed that reporters in Iraq are prevented from telling both sides. “I think we’re getting 90 percent of the story,” she said. When disbelieving guffaws […]

  • Dash to Baghdad Left Top U.S. Generals Divided

    From the New York Times: The war was barely a week old when Gen. Tommy R. Franks threatened to fire the Army’s field commander. Here.

  • The Web This Morning

    The Web This Morning

    Photography – Pictures of the Year winners gallery Artist – Jude Buffum, does hilarious art with classic 8-bit videogame imagery Yahoo war reporter Kevin Sites is now in Chechnya Q&A with Kevin Sites WFMU – Compilation of the month: Shut up and Play (mp3’s of inane between-song banter). Featuring Slayer, Mercyful Fate, and the infamous […]