On the Campaign Trail in Upper Egypt

The photographer Davide Monteleone accompanied Peter Hessler to El-Balyana, in Upper Egypt, to photograph the region’s unusual parliamentary elections.

The photographer Davide Monteleone accompanied Hessler to Egypt to photograph Yusuf on the campaign trail and citizens of Upper Egypt carrying out elections

Invisible Bridges: Life Along the Chinese-Russian Border

Historically, Russia has held the upper hand in conflicts with China. Davide Monteleone’s photographs tell a different story.

In the summer of 2014, Davide Monteleone, an Italian photographer who had lived in Moscow for more than a decade, began to travel to the Russian-Chinese border in search of something that felt real and reliable

In Search of Chechen Identity

“Grozny is a city of phantoms. Phantoms of those who died or disappeared in the war—every family has brothers, sons, or a father who left the house and never returned,” writes the Moscow-based journalist Masha Gessen, in the opening text of “Spasibo,” a monograph and exhibition by the Italian photojournalist Davide Monteleone, which examines Chechen identity after centuries of violence and conflict between Chechen separatists and Moscow.


Davide Monteleone’s study on identity gradually became the story of a compromise, that which all the inhabitants of this republic are forced to accept from the authorities in return for a better life. As he was told by a friend in the mountains around Itum-Kali quoting a letter written by Yermolov to Tsar Nicolas I, during the Caucasus campaign: “The Chechens are a combative people, difficult to conquer, easier to buy.”

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Over the next five years, Monteleone would return to Chechnya and the surrounding regions of the Caucasus Mountains as often as once a month. “A lot of work had been done on the wars and the human rights abuses,” he said. “We wanted to study everyday life.”

photo-eye Book Reviews: War Is Only Half the Story, Vol. 3

War Is Only Half the Story, Vol. 3 , Photographs by Louie Palu, Asim Rafiqui, Rodrigo Abd, Andrea Bruce, Davide Monteleone, Saiful Huq O...

Photographs by Louie Palu, Asim Rafiqui, Rodrigo Abd, Andrea Bruce, Davide Monteleone, Saiful Huq Omi, Ami Vitale and Donald Weber. The Aftermath Project, 2011. Softcover. 132 pp., black & white and color illustrations throughout, 11x11

Davide Monteleone Wins 2011 Aftermath Grant | PDNPulse

Davide Monteleone of Italy has won the $20,000 Aftermath Project Grant for his project “Red Thistle” The Northern Caucasus Journey.” The Aftermath Project, which supports documentary photo projects about regions that have experienced conflict, announced t

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EPF 2010 Winner

Emerging Photographer Grant 2010 Recipient   [slidepress gallery=”davidemonteleone_northerncaucasus”] Hover over the image for navigation and full screen controls Davide Monteleone…

I’ve been working from Chechnya to Dagestan, from Northern to Southern Ossetia, just after the war in August 2008, all the way to Abkhazia, from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea coasts, crossing geographical and political borders. My interest isn’t to cover the news that brought the region back under the international floodlights, but to carry on a considered path by making notes of the tracks left behind.

Documenting the Chechen Struggles

A look at life in the troubled republic of Chechnya, through the images of the photographer Davide Monteleone.

After suicide bombers set off two huge explosions, killing dozens in the Moscow subway system last week, attention turned toward Chechnya — the troubled republic in North Caucasus where the Russian government has sought to suppress  a violent Muslim uprising since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Italian photographer Davide Monteleone has been working there extensively this year, pursuing a project that documents Muslim life and the struggle for stability as the Russian government tries to stamp out the remnants of a war that has continued for nearly 15 years. Based in Rome and Moscow, Mr. Monteleone, 35, is represented by Contrasto.