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Mark Peterson, Political Theatre – The Eye of Photography

Over the past two years Mark Peterson has photographed American presidential candidates as they lead rallies, meet with voters and plead for votes. He started shortly before the government shutdown in 2013 at a Tea Party rally at the US Capitol, when politicians were railing against President Obama and the Affordable Care Act—a show to get a sound bite into the next news cycle.


Mark Peterson: Up Close & Personal — zPhotoJournal

Peterson certainly has developed a style. His images have an intensity to them that can’t be achieved with mid-range or long lenses. And it’s a style that has suited him well over the years with clients that wanted someone who would bring “something different” to the table. I once assigned him to a college football game knowing full well, that I wasn’t going to see a single action picture when it came time to edit. And the results did not disappoint.


#LBFF: Political Satire and Social Media with Mark Peterson

we spoke to Redux photographer Mark Peterson, whose candid and at times outrageous political photos have appeared on the Instagram feeds of MSNBC and GQ, and in print in the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, Fortune and TIME.


Political Rhetoric in Black and White

Even in these ferociously partisan times, Mark Peterson finds it staggering how the national conversation about politics has gone so over the top. Fervid comparisons to Nazis, slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, totalitarianism, communism, Muslim extremism and terrorism are tossed around so casually that the words seem to lose their edge; the history becomes fuzzy.