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New York: Matt Black From Cloud to Dust – The Eye of Photography

history keeps repeating its schemes of social consequences. The Cloud People are the latest wave of working immigration, one that can’t go back to Mexico to harvest their own fields after the picking season in California because crossing the border now costs 4,000 $; one that make less money because the time when unions defended the workers’ rights is over; one that have to struggle to find a job because the environment has been so upset by a counter-nature agriculture that it leaves some fields empty and dust-dry and rips off roofs. It’s an entire set of values that is in question in this ongoing work. Matt Black calls it reporting. I call it engagement


“I felt like the last thing the world needed was another photographer chasing headlines”

You don’t have to travel far to find a great story –photographer Matt Black is proof. For the past decade, Black has focused his work in the California’s Central Valley, where he was born and raised.


Matt Black: A Commitment to Truth

Cotton migrant at his home-Allensworth, California-web.jpg


I think that the collective understanding of this country is very superficial, and big parts of it are just left out, deemed unimportant. It’s not just about being unfair; it’s something that makes for the kind of places where things are allowed to fester. It’s a whole other world, an alternate America. To the extent that my photographs can play a part in addressing some of that, I’m more than proud.