This Is What Asia’s Longest River Looks Like

At nearly 4,000 miles from mouth to source, China’s Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world. Its banks are home...

In 2006, London-based Nadav Kander came to China with a desire to witness a country “that feels both at the beginning of a new era and at odds with itself,” one that’s growing at “a relentless pace.” He chose to follow the Yangtze not because of an interest in the river, per se, but rather “an interest in confining myself to a pathway through China that had meaning.”

Juxtapoz Magazine - Yangtze, The Long River by Nadav Kander

This breathtaking body of photographs taken by Nadav Kander has won him the Prix Pictet prize back in 2010 as well as our adoration. Its best we allow...

Nadav Kander is an Israeli photographer who is internationally renowned for his unique landscapes. In his book “Yangtze, The Long River” he spent three years winding along the banks of this enormous body of water for his project

World Press Photo: Nadav Kander awarded First Prize in Staged Portraits Singles

Working with Kathy Ryan of The New York Times Magazine, Nadav Kander was assigned in January last year to photograph the titans of the British stage, to draw attention to the UK’s strong thespian heritage before the Olympics. He photographed such greats a

Nadav Kander’s portrait of English actor Daniel Kaluuya has won him a World Press Photo prize. He speaks to BJP about being included in a prize normally reserved for press photographers

PDNPulse: Former VII Director Signs Prominent Photogs to New Management Company

The artists Institute represents are Jodi Bieber, Rena Effendi, Lauren Greenfield, Rob Hornstra, Nadav Kander, Gillian Laub, James Longley, Gerd Ludwig, Joshua Lutz, Amanda Micheli, Richard Mosse, Zed Nelson, Jehad Nga, Simon Norfolk, James Pomerantz and Paul Shambroom.

lens culture: Obama's People by Nadav Kander


From lens culture: Obama’s People by Nadav Kander:

Shortly after the 2008 election of Barack Obama — but prior to his inauguration — The New York Times Magazine commissioned a series of 52 portraits of the advisers, aides, cabinet secretaries-designate, and other key people who were being assembled to become members of Obama’s incoming administration. UK-based photographer Nadav Kander was chosen for this daunting project.

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