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The Disturbing True Story Behind the Iconic ‘Afghan Girl’ Photo

Tony Northrup recently decided to create a video celebrating photographer Steve McCurry’s most famous photo, the iconic “Afghan Girl” portrait featured on the cover of National Geographic. But upon researching the shot, Northrup learned the other, more disturbing side of the story that’s more hidden from public view.


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Todd Welvaert and Paul Colletti return to the podcast to discuss the scandal surrounding famous photographer Steve McCurry his altered images. Steve McCurry is world renowned for his National Geographic cover - 'Afghan Girl’. The three of us had admired McCurry for years so we disappointed to learn but the And it turns out he - or someone who works for him - faked the content of some of his photos. The resulting fallout has sparked a debate on the internet about photo ethics and the wider implications.


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Pressing McCurry for explanations when one already knows the reasons he used Photoshop — to create a more saleable, viewable image — evades more serious issues about who controls photography, and when and how to liberate it.


EDITORIAL: Eyes of the Afghan Girl- A critical take on the “Steve McCurry Scandal” | Writing Through Light

“Yes, from what I can recall, Steve used to stage quite a few shots back then. He needed help whenever he came to India and people obliged. Since my house was and still is centrally located in the city he would come here often. He was always passionate and longing to go out and shoot again. On one occasion that he had come, he told me of a particular shot that he wanted to take on how people travel in India. He requested my sister in law Vanita to accompany him to New Delhi Railway station” says Pasricha. On asking him about the suitcases on the porter’s head, he confirms that they are indeed empty.


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McCurry’s work isn’t presented as digital illustrations, but rather to show something akin to “This is what the world looks like.” When he (or his employees) remove people from a photo, the photo is no longer connected to reality. This is clearly deception


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The duty of a photojournalist, according to many, is to remain detached in a moment of crisis, to compartmentalize scenes of violence and war from the goings on of everyday life. As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book