The war on leaks – CBS News

The war on leaks

Risen was the first to break the story about the NSA’s secret wiretapping program that monitored Americans’ phone calls without a court warrant. He’s been subpoenaed to divulge his confidential sources in a separate federal criminal trial. He appealed the subpoena all the way up to the Supreme Court, but the court turned down his petition. Now, if he doesn’t name names, he could go to jail.

Privacy and Photo:Tech – Kaptur

Privacy and Photo:Tech

Next thing you know, or rather, you don’t know, your casual pictures is being analyzed for content. The location ( thank you GPS), the day, the time, the surrounding landscape, your phone make and model and anything and everything else in the photo that can gave them a clue is being analyzed .  Using your Instagram profile, it also can learn much more about you, what you like, where you go and more importantly, what you like to spend your money on. Thanks to your photo, you have just sold your son and yourself to a brand and, in the process, exposed yourself to receiving targeted advertising next time you are on-line