Go Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Photographer Jeff Riedel – LightBox

Go Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Photographer Jeff Riedel

This week on #LightBoxFF, we speak to commercial and editorial photographer Jeff Riedel, (@jeff_riedel_polariods) whose meticulous approach to photography has not only landed his work on the pages of GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Vogue, but has also helped him accumulate a massive collection of Polaroids, which he has used for years to test and fine-tune variables during shoots and is now posting to his Instagram feed.

A Conversation with Martin Parr | burn magazine

A Conversation with Martin Parr

When I try a new technique, I always do it first on the beach. There are about six phases of my photography career, black and white, then wide angle with medium format, etc., etc., but I always try them out on the beach first because it’s like an experimental laboratory for me. You have all these people, you can do different things, so this is no exception. It is really like the last chapter of exploration. So inevitably, therefor, I begin at the beach first.

Pete Muller: Chasing Ebola — zPhotoJournal

Pete Muller: Chasing Ebola

I am perpetually fascinated with Africa’s extraordinary diversity and challenges. I think it’s only sensible that if an outsider has any hope of understanding the continent’s complexity, he or she must devote years to the pursuit. I’ve been working on the continent since 2007 and remain humble regarding the complex dynamics at play within many of its countries. I view every assignment and project as opportunity to learn on a steep curve.