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Alejandro Cegarra 2014 emerging talent

After working for a year at an advertising agency, he quit to pursue photography as a fulltime profession. He has worked for Venezuela’s largest newspaper, Ultimas Noticias, as well as freelanced in his country for the Associated Press. Earlier this year, he was recognized in Magnum Photo Agency’s 30 Under 30 contest and was the first-prize winner of the Ian Parry scholarship. We asked Alejandro a few questions about his work and burgeoning career as a photographer.

Stacy Pearsall: Paying It Forward — zPhotoJournal

Stacy Pearsall: Paying It Forward

I’d have to say I spent the majority of my time thinking like a journalist – that’s what I was trained to do. In fact, I rarely carried a long rifle because I felt it distracted me from my real job. I kept a pistol on my hip for “oh shit” moments. I was of the mind that if the situation got bad enough, I could probably find a rifle not in use. This was the case only a couple times for me. Even during the most intense gun battles, I forced myself to stay behind my camera and not get behind the gun.

B: Q & A with Jeffrey Ladd

Q & A with Jeffrey Ladd

Not off the top of my head but they would send emails with a selection of people’s work asking our thoughts and who we would support for ‘inclusion’. And it was mostly just a rehash of every silly pun picture I have seen before and not interesting to me. That’s why I said, whoever they invite that they should just replace me because I lost interest in that language of photography. That pissed off some people.