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Judy Walgren: San Francisco Chronicle

And to be honest, I love my photo editing team so much and would have killed to be able to shoot assignments like the ones we are dreaming up here at the Chronicle and then come back to get an amazing edit from Nicole Frugé, Russell Yip, Pete Kiehart or Dylan Entelis. This team is so thoughtful, supportive and truly committed to making sure that our staff has what they need to succeed.

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A Conversation With Constantine Manos

I think what I have to say and what a lot of older photographers have to say is still relevant, especially the Magnum photographers who have embraced the Magnum spirit and the Magnum approach. I think it will be forever valid because the world is only changing superficially. We still have people, human beings, and it is really about the human condition which is the main subject of Magnum photographers