Spotlight On Maggie Steber

Link: Spotlight On Maggie Steber | The Image, Deconstructed

Eating dark chocolate in the middle of the night is a hidden secret pleasure. No one needs to know about it. In that way, it is mine alone. It’s like a secret garden, where I can retreat and work on something and it doesn’t matter whether I ever show the work and if anyone likes it or not. It’s where the dark side of my personality can come out to play and thrive. It’s like a guilty pleasure. I’ve thought about this a lot…. maybe this is where one’s work reveals a longing to be free of one’s self. I think we are described, for the most part, by how people regard us personally and professionally. In this secret garden where I might “eat dark chocolate in the middle of the night” I get to define myself and my work. I think this is a healthy and critical thing for anyone engaged in the creative process.

The Cinematography of the Oscar Nominated 12 Years A Slave

Link: The Cinematography of the Oscar Nominated 12 Years A Slave – LightBox

I find that the single camera approach is the most efficient and effective because it also makes you concentrate, instead of just hoovering up a bunch of images and finding the scene in the edit. You have to make decisions on the day itself, and that really sharpens everyone. For me that’s kind of the essence of filmmaking — that you have a group of people who are all focused and making important aesthetic and story decisions on the day, as opposed to putting those decisions off to some later point.