Nikita Teryoshin - LOBA

An illuminating glimpse behind the scenes of the global arms business: the photographer, who was born in Russia in 1986 and grew up in Germany, reveals the complete opposite of killing fields. In his case, war is an oversized playground for adults. He found the motifs, between 2016 and 2020, at exclusive defence trade fairs in Europe, Asia, and North and South Africa.

Nicolò Filippo Rosso - LOBA

Over the last five years, the Italian photographer (born 1985) spent periods of weeks and months in La Guajira, a Colombian peninsula that is home to the indigenous Wayúu people. Border struggles, a lack of water, poverty, coal mining in the middle of a desert, being a transit point for migrants and smugglers; all give rise to the toughest of living conditions.

Santi Palacios - LOBA

The powerfully dramatic moments were taken at close range, along the three most important migration routes that pass over the Mediterranean Sea and connect Africa and the Middle East to Europe. From 2013 to 2020, the Spanish photojournalist (born 1985) accompanied people who were following these different routes, taking the life-threatening journey in the hope of a new and safer life.

Burning Land – The Leica camera Blog

The Italian photographer, Stefano Schirato, spent a full month documenting the excruciating, daily lives of workers in the east Indian mining district of Jharia. Constantly wary of sinking into one of the numerous, burning holes in the ground, he met people there who were as friendly as they were desperate: working day by day in poisonous fumes, they eke out an existence in inhumane conditions. With a Leica Q in his pack, Schirato draws an impressive sketch of a life dedicated to coal.

How to Start a Photo Magazine in a Pandemic - PhotoShelter Blog

The past few decades have been unkind to photo magazines. Many industry stalwarts have gone defunct, while others have moved to online editions only. Ironically, many photographers still believe in the photographic print, even though they might contend th

In January, I chatted with renown photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke who had just announced the creation of The Curious Society, a large format photo magazine featuring the work of some of the world’s best photojournalists and documentary photographers. The goal wasn’t only to publish a visual tour de force on a quarterly basis, but to also pay photographers a traditional space rate that made producing such work economically viable.

The Difficulties One Woman Faced to Become a Photojournalist in Somalia

A woman Somalian photojournalist shares her experiences of working in what is traditionally a man's world.

Breaking through the barriers of cultural and gender norms in Somalia, Fardosa Hussein shares what it took for her to be able to practice what she is passionate about — photography, videography, and journalism — in a place where such a career is viewed with hostility and is, at times, dangerous for women.

WATCH: Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner Essdras M. Suarez Shares What Makes a Great Photo - PhotoShelter Blog

In the photo industry, portfolio reviews are a great opportunity to receive objective feedback about your work. Oftentimes a mentor will offer to look through your photos and provide actionable advice about editing your images. For two-time Pulitzer Prize

We sat down with Essdras to walk through your anonymous photo submissions. In this virtual portfolio review, Essdras discusses the key elements of composition, what needs adjustment and why it’s important to give yourself the assignment you want somebody else to give you.