Leica M10 Hands On Review

20001 Leica M10 silver CMYK

Put simply, it was fun.  It made me think.  It made me want to work for the shot.  It’s a different way of shooting than using a zoom lens and 12fps autofocus.  I found myself focusing, composing, and waiting; anticipating the shot.  It was almost a zen-like experience.  It didn’t hurt that I was getting some nice images.  The M10 is unobtrusive.  It doesn’t stand out in a crowd, instead, it allows you to become part of the crowd.

Fake Photos in Fake News

History is littered with allegations of staged photography in news settings, but the decentralization of the news media and the rise of hyper-partisan sites has led to something else: image theft and fraudulent captions.

Leica M10 design process

Leica M10 design process 2 560x350

So when developing the M10, Leica’s engineers found themselves having to meet two essentially opposing requirements: to further improve the camera’s electronics, and to simultaneously accommodate this enhanced, high-performance construction within a smaller body

A Social Media Cheat Sheet for 2017

In addition to an image sizing guide for best photo resolutions you should be uploading (we shared a dedicated infographic on that recently), this guide also contains sections for keyboard shortcuts, best times to post, tools you can look into using, new features that have been announced, tricks for writing headlines, and more.

Applications Open for the Fifth New York Portfolio Review

Applications are now open for the Fifth Annual New York Portfolio Review, sponsored by The New York Times Lens blog and the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. We are again gathering 150 photographers and 75 of the most influential editors, curators, gallerists and book publishers for two days of private photo critiques on April 29 and 30.

From Mystery to History: Pennsylvania’s Bygone Lumber Industry

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Though Harry Littell was teaching digital photography to Lois Barden, she came to class one day in 2004 with a question about a much older process. She had with her a box of 8-by-10 glass plate negatives that she had found 30 years earlier in a shed belonging to her husband’s grandmother near Rochester, N.Y. She asked her teacher what he thought. When he started scanning the plates, Mr. Littell was amazed. There were images of logging camps, railroads, studio portraits, children and outdoor scenes.

A look inside Jim Goldberg’s “The Last Son”

Jux jim goldberg 1

Through the years, all of Jim Goldberg’s publishing endeavors have been worthy of attention, dating back to his seminal and highly collectable 1995 title Raised by Wolves. With each effort, Goldberg builds brilliant narrative stories, unconventional in presentation and deeply personal.

Those Natty Ole Reporters

There is a sense that everyone with a Press badge is a target, someone who is obviously unfriendly to the candidate (to the -elect…) and yet there seems to be no comprehension that before there was a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, there was a 1st Amendment. 

The Golden Era of New York Street Protests

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Before social media gave everyone a soapbox, the years from 1980 to 2000 were a golden age for New Yorkers taking to the streets to make their voices heard on issues like abortion rights, AIDS research, gentrification, killings by police officers and the first Gulf War.

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages

Privacy campaigners said the vulnerability is a “huge threat to freedom of speech” and warned it can be used by government agencies to snoop on users who believe their messages to be secure. WhatsApp has made privacy and security a primary selling point, and has become a go to communications tool of activists, dissidents and diplomats.

Celebrating home, one frame at a time

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When I was 13, in 1981, I immigrated to the United States with my parents and sister from Peru. Since that time the D.C. area has been my home. In many ways, I’ve lived a hybrid life based on values, traditions and experiences of two countries, which is nothing unusual for immigrants. But as I’ve gotten older, and the reality that I have lived in Washington for about three-fourths of my life has set in, I have become more nostalgic for Peru — family, food, friends, traditions.

Andreas Gursky, The best of times


There is a Gursky quote “My photographs are ‘not abstract’. Ultimately they are always identifiable. Photography in general simply cannot disengage from the object”, and it seems just right.  His recent “Les Meés” (2016), solar panels pieced into easy, rolling hills of rigid black and white rectangles, a carpet of dominoes, a truly romantic contemporary landscape, with the black and white offset by the green grass and the lightly colored sky.