What Inge Morath Saw: A Unique Sense of Style

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Inge Morath was not a fashion photographer. But Ms. Morath, a Magnum Photos photographer, captured — and demonstrated — a rich sense of style. Her poetic and somewhat theatrical depiction of elegance is the centerpiece of a new book, “Inge Morath: On Style,” by Justine Picardie (Abrams).

See Photographs From the 2016 Lucie Award Winners

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“Welcome to the 14th annual running of the Lucies,” said W.M. Hunt at the outset of the 2016 Lucie Awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall on October 23. As emcee, the famed photo collector and curator brought a tone of levity to the evening. “When I turned a certain age with a zero in it, I decided to get a life,” Hunt said. “Photography gave me one.”

Simon Kossoff: The States Project: Kansas

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When Kossoff moved to Kansas City in 2008, he immediately embarked on a series of photographic road trips in an attempt to plot what he has described, as a collection of psychic coordinate points, between the American that he brought with him from England and the America which he was discovering on his explorations

Lara Aitor – Baka. Guardians of the Forest.

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The Baka, indigenous peoples of Cameroon, are facing a serious departure from their traditional way of life due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that has been forced upon them for years. They were expelled from their ancestral lands, which have been turned into protected areas of the Dja Faunal Reserve and into concessions granted to transnational companies that exploit natural resources such as gold, iron and wood. However, the Baka People see themselves as the guardians of the forest.

After Egypt’s Revolution, a New Start in American Exile

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I was a medical student and political activist when the revolution against the Mubarak regime in Egypt broke out in 2011. While studying in Alexandria, I assisted as a medic during clashes between demonstrators and government forces. A few days before the fall of Mubarak, a young man was shot dead while standing between my friend Hesham and me. We could not save him.

The 24 Best World Series Photographs of All Time

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Ahead of this year’s historic matchup, pitting the Chicago Cubs (last win: 1908) and the Cleveland Indians (1948), TIME asked sports photographers who covered the World Series throughout the years to select the images that moved them most.

Daniel W. Coburn: States Project: Kansas

001Halt Somewhere in Upstate Michigan 2016

Daniel W. Coburn has spent a significant portion of his life in Kansas, as a state that he has lived in since his youth and as a backdrop for his practice. Much of his work focuses on his family, the relationships that bind them, and the inherent flaws in these relationships

These stunning photos show what the fight against ISIS has looked like

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Photographer Emilien Urbano’s project “War of a Forgotten Nation” takes us on a visceral, sometimes visually poetic, journey inside the war against the Islamic State. Urbano began the project in August 2014, just two months after Islamic State insurgents staged a surprise takeover of Mosul, one of Iraq’s biggest and most strategically located cities. Urbano’s project follows mostly Kurdish factions battling against the Islamic State and sometimes also against Turkish forces