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  • The day we clicked: rock photography | The Guardian


    Photographing U2 has become more difficult as they have become more well known. The Joshua Tree was taken over a period of three days travelling through the desert. It’s unthinkable for U2 to do that now. For their last album I had two hours in bad weather. Even after 28 years I always try to take a different picture of U2. If I’m stuck, I’ll go to Holland, smoke a joint and come back with new ideas.

    Link: The day we clicked: rock photography | The Guardian
  • HBO: Big Love – A Juniper Creek Christmas

    tout_video_xmas 1.jpg
    Another holiday soundtrack to fill your home with warmth, a free downloadable playlist from the ficitonal fundamentalist polygamists of HBO’s Big Love. Tracks include: We Three Wives Deck the Compound and, Silent Wife

    Listen and download your favorite compound classics

    Link: HBO: Big Love – A Juniper Creek Christmas
  • Happy Freakin' Holidays Playlist – WFMU

    CLICK NOTE: I know you’re looking for the holiday soundtrack. This is the one playing at my house. Three great compilations courtesy of WFMU’s amazing blog. Download it today and get into the holiday spirit.
    6a00d83451c29169e20120a6f3c5a8970b-800wi 1.jpg

    Behold NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays, a tour of urban goodies in list and link form. The WFMU contribution, courtesy of Otis Fodder, is a playlist packed with 80 tracks that will either make you freak out or keep you from freaking out, depending on your metabolic set point. Holiday Freak In (2002) and Holiday Freak Out (2006) are compilations Otis pulled together for his special people, and now you’re a special person, too. A guy who really likes Christmas music liked them a lot. You can read that guy’s interview with Otis and commentary while you download. Cuz that’s gonna take a while.

    Link: Happy Freakin’ Holidays Playlist – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog
  • Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero appearance | Offworld

  • 11 Unintentionally Hilarious Hip-Hop Videos

    11 Unintentionally Hilarious Hip-Hop Videos | The Rap Up

    Silliness has always been a part of human nature, but it appears to be more fashionable now that we have an assortment of tools to document our goofiness. After all, YouTube and other video sites gave independent directors a chance to showcase their work, prepubescent rappers a chance to gain recognition, and hip-hoppers an outlet for round-the-clock unintentionally comedy. Here are th 11 Most Unintentionally Funny Hip-Hop Videos:

  • Taking You Back: Freedom Rock

  • 8BitFM

    8bit.jpg 1.jpeg

    From Josh Spear, Trendspotting:

    Do you find that tune from Tetris twisting and turning in your brain all day? Does the music of Metroid make you want to move your feet? Sure you’re probably a video game addict, but there’s nothing wrong with getting those sweet sounds of Super Street Fighter stuck in your head. The only issue you face is trying to find a place that will let you relive the soundtrack of your gaming life. Luckily, there’s now 8bitFM, an internet radio station dedicated to devotees of Double Dragon ditties and Super Mario melodies.

    Check it out here.

  • LA Weekly's LA People 2009

    Some of my faves:

    Ellei Johndro .


    From LA Weekly:

    Her Web site and moniker have become synonymous with the sloshed and sweaty shenanigans of L.A.’s cool kids and the underground ragers they frequent, but Shadowscene’s Ellei Johndro is far from just another “club photographer.” Unlike some novice shutterbugs who hopped the snapwagon when lens-toting characters such as the Cobrasnake started getting attention for their Web sites, Johndro’s had a passion for photography, editing and storytelling of all forms (creative writing was her major in college) since she was a teen growing up in Boston. She started while still in Boston back in 2002, its original incarnation more of a personal showcase for her stark and, yes, “shadowy” cityscapes (lots of “streets and alleys,” she recalls). It wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles seven years ago that the subject matter turned to after-dark hell-raising and earned serious hipster approval.

    Jerry Stahl .


    From LA Weekly:

    Armed with his fourth novel since his breakthrough book, the memoir Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl has, in his own inimitable fashion, done a drive-by. Pain Killers continues the adventures of Manny Rupert, the hapless, hopelessly romantic (in his own damaged way) cop-cum-detective we got to know and love in Plain Clothes Naked. This time a septuagenarian, Jewish millionaire named Harry Zell, who wields his walker like a shillelagh, enlists Manny to go undercover as a drug counselor at San Quentin. Rupert’s mission it to determine if a certain peroxide-blond, 97-year-old inmate is in fact none other than the Nazi Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele. As if that isn’t nettlesome enough for the illicit substance–susceptible sleuth, his first night on campus reveals his ex-wife and love of his life (who offed her first husband in Plain Clothes Naked by serving him a bowl of Drano-and-glass-laced Lucky Charms) has taken up with the leader of the prison’s Aryan gang … who happens to be Jewish.

    Jesse Thorn .


    From LA Weekly:

    It’s odd, Jesse Thorn knows, for small children to adore public radio. “But it’s what my parents always had on in the car,” Thorn says. “I’ve been hearing Terry Gross my whole life.” All that listening time has given Thorn an uncanny ability to parse, in detail, the style and quirks of every interviewer to have appeared on NPR, nationally and locally, over, say, the past two decades. So it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that at 27, Thorn has already spent eight years with his own show, called the Sound of Young America, which he describes on his Web site — — as something like Conan O’Brien on public radio, or Fresh Air, but more fun.”

    Gary Leonard .


    From LA Weekly:

    On a gray March morning, photographer Gary Leonard stands in the center of his gallery, a small room dimmed by overcast skies, sunlight feathering through the gaps between high-rises on Broadway Avenue. Leonard has a cold, but he’s agreed to meet with us, anyway, at his new gallery, Take My Picture, named after his recently retired CityBeat column. Later on, Leonard will sit behind a table laid with a collection of his black-and-white photographs, smiling only when asked, while the L.A. Weekly takes his portrait.

    Lucian Piane .


    From LA Weekly:

    When audio of Christian Bale’s tirade on the Terminator Salvation set surfaced, the actor unwittingly joined a select fraternity with Barbra Streisand and Bill O’Reilly: celebrities whose rants have been transformed into viral-dance remixes by RevoLucian. Almost as soon as Bale’s hissy fit went public, the Web picked up on RevoLucian deft a mash-up of Bale’s best quotes set to a synth-heavy beat. “Bale Out” turned “What don’t you fuckin’ understand?” into one of the year’s most addictive choruses and spun a little art out of the debacle. Considering how widely the song was heard, it’s almost surprising that nobody at the Newsroom Café recognizes songwriter and producer Lucian Piane, 28. RevoLucian is a pseudonym for what he calls “my remixes, my crazy things.”

    Check out the entire list here.

  • Pop Band For Sale! – Rednex – Buy Your Own Pop Band!

    PopbandForSale1.jpg 1.jpeg

    CLICK NOTE: So if I have this right, we could pay $1.9 million to buy the band Rednex and never hear Cotton Eye Joe again. Sounds reasonable to me.

    From Pop Band For Sale!:

    Buying a pop band opens up opportunities to make a hayload of money and peek behind the scenes of an exclusive branch. Rednex is touring around the world, making dozens of TV & Radio performances yearly, doing shows at galas, sport arenas and festivals, from city celebrations in front of 1 million people to orphanages, and even for royalty at their private palaces in front of 30 people.

    Check it out here.

    And if you see anyone claiming to be the real Rednex, make sure to report them.

  • Anvil! The Story of Anvil: A Canadian Metal Band's Great Feature-Length Doc


    From Los Angeles Music – Anvil! The Story of Anvil: A Canadian Metal Band’s Great Feature-Length Doc – page 1:

    A funny documentary has endlessly quotable lines. An even funnier documentary has endlessly quotable lines delivered in a Canadian accent. Sacha Gervasi’s Anvil! The Story of Anvil, a chronicle of the forgotten Maple Leaf metalers and their last-ditch effort for commercial and creative success, has given the band its second wind twice: first, as a sleeper hit that made the film-festival rounds, including Sundance, last year, and now as a nationwide release. So don’t feel too bad if you don’t know much aboot Anvil just yet.

    Check it out here.

  • SFGate: Daily Dish : Corgan Fights for Radio Royalties


    CLICK NOTE: As with all links to the Daily Dish, it’s really the comments…

    Smashing Pumpkins star Billy Corgan has testified before Congress in support of a new bill that would require radio stations to pay musicians every time their songs are played.

    Check it out here.

  • · Introducing Boffin:'s music knowledge meets your local mp3 collection


    Wouldn’t it be great if you could tune into your local music like you do with radio?

    Check it out here.

  • Kutiman, Big Media, and the Future of Creative Entrepreneurship | 43 Folders

    the disruptively talented Kutiman, who has made an astounding series of YouTube video remixes that’s lighting up the web and (one imagines) generating a lot of wood amongst our nation’s libidinous entertainment litigators.

    Check it out here.

  • Face-to-face with Michael Jackson’s brother, Marlon: – The Sun News On-line


    It’s a scene straight out of a dream or maybe an April Fool Day’s joke. But this is not April. And I am not dreaming. For real, the man sitting face-to-face with me at Barcelos, a fast-food restaurant in Ikeja, eating chicken and chips with me is no other person than the immediate elder brother of Michael Jackson. Yes, the one and only Michael Jackson, the king of pop, the eccentric megastar, the man whose album Thriller is the biggest-selling of all times, the man who no longer has a nose, having chiselled his nose so many times that there is no nose on his face.

    Check it out here.

  • Spinal Tap: Unwigged and Unplugged at its House of Blues Press Conference – LA Weekly


    some of us rock journos were invited to a press conference at the House of Blues at the ungodly hour of 11 a.m. on Monday to listen….shhhh….to Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer announce an upcoming album of new and old Tap material, as well as a spring tour commemorating the 25th anniversary release of This Is Spinal Tap.

    Check it out here.

  • Los Angeles Music – B-Real of Cypress Hill: Smoking "The Birthday Cake" With a Master

    The volume of weed B-Real has smoked over the past 20 years is enough to make you question how the MC has any brain cells left, let alone how he remains coherent. But there he sits, alternately bemoaning and praising the contemporary hip-hop landscape while crumbling fistfuls of sticky O.G. Kush into silken powder. Finally, the Birthday Cake is ready to serve; lighting up all five joints, the slow-burning sticks suffusing the water bottle with staggering amounts of smoke, Real takes an iron-lunged hit, exhales, smiles beatifically, and passes it to the left. Within five minutes, it’s orbited the room, and judging from the swollen silence it’s obvious that the Birthday Cake has gotten us baked.

    Check it out here.

  • – "Techcrunch are full of sh*t"

    On Friday night a technology blog called Techcrunch posted a vicious and completely false rumour about us: that handed data to the RIAA so they could track who’s been listening to the “leaked” U2 album.

    Check it out here.

  • Did Just Hand Over User Listening Data To the RIAA?

    UPDATE: Apparently not. See the first comment from Alex at Last.FM

    word is going around that the RIAA asked social music service for data about its user’s listening habits to find people with unreleased tracks on their computers. And, which is owned by CBS, actually handed the data over to the RIAA

    Check it out here.

  • Spinal Tap Confirms Reunion

    Members of the spoof heavy metal band Spinal Tap have confirmed they are to record their first album in nearly 20 years.

    Check it out here.

  • The Day the Music Died: The End of Indie 103.1


    Every diehard loyal to Indie 103.1 FM over its improbable five-year run as Los Angeles’ most consistently surprising rock radio station has had similar Eureka moments. This being L.A., these no-way-did-they-just-play-that-song epiphanies usually occurred in the car, when something joyous would erupt from the speakers as if from the stars above. Maybe a Modern Lovers groover, or the Minutemen, the Melvins, Postal Service, or No Age, Joy Division, the Cure, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If you were a rock fan, the surprises kept coming.

    Check it out here.