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“Welcome to the Winogrand Circus” – Gary Winogrand speaks to students at Rice University | dvafoto

It’s Winningham who introduces Winogrand, saying “Welcome to the Winogrand circus,” and then Winogrand asks for questions from the students. He talks about how he works, his approach to different subjects, and the work of other photographers (Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Bruce Davidson–at 21:44: “[East 100th Street] is sickening…morally, it’s sickening, and photographically it’s just a goddamned bore,” and others). It’s a wide-ranging and very informal talk, but offers a fascinating perspective from Winogrand about his own work and others’.


Jeu de Paume : Garry Winogrand, Unstable Balance – The Eye of Photography

“The world is not a tidy place,” said the American photographer Garry Winogrand. “It’s a mess. I never try to put it in order.” His photographs seem to exist in a kind of unstable equilibrium. It shifts and seethes within the frame, pushing at its edges. The figures laugh and shout, their glances sharp as knives. Even the horizon is crooked. It’s as if life itself was crammed into a small rectangular frame: