Revisiting DogTown and the Legend of the Z-Boys - Feature Shoot

© Glen E. Friedman; Jay Adams, Krypto Bowl—1978 © C.R. Stecyk III; Stacy Peralta Deep in the DogTown area of west Los Angeles, in the early 1970s, a group of…

In 2000, Friedman teamed up with journalist C.R. Stecyk III to produce the iconic book, DogTown: The Legend of Z-Boys, which has just been reissued in a bigger, newly designed edition by Akashic Books. Now spanning 1975–1985 and beyond, the book features DogTown articles written and photographed by C.R. Stecyk III along with hundreds of images from Friedman’s archives, many of which appeared in the 2001 documentary film, Dogtown and Z-Boys. Here Friedman takes us back to his stomping grounds, revisiting the culture and community where he honed his talents behind the camera.

Punk Ass Motherf**kers

Iconic images of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and more punk rock legends, untangled by photographer Glen E. Friedman

Iconic images of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and more punk rock legends, untangled by photographer Glen E. Friedman

Juxtapoz Magazine - Watch: Glen E. Friedman & Ian MacKaye Discuss Photos in "My Rules"

Glen E. Friedman, who was most recently featured in our special Beastie Boys issue, will be releasing a book of his iconic photographs "MY RULES....

Raised in North Carolina and educated in California, the Brooklyn-based photographer Bryan Derballa has an unwavering love for the outdoors. For the last four summers, he’s set aside his work in order to head into the country with his friends. For him, these journeys are essential to his livelihood. As he enters his thirties, they allow him to hang onto what he calls the “liminal state between youth and adulthood. It’s a period of uncertainty that occurs sometime after college but before homeownership, when friends become family and time becomes finite.”

Judge Rules for Photog In Copyright Suit Over RUN DMC Photo | PDNPulse

French artist Theirry Guetta is guilty of infringing on photographer Glen E. Friedman’s copyright, a federal judge has ruled. Guetta was accused of using a well-know Friedman image of hip-hop pioneers RUN DMC as the basis for several artworks, including “

French artist Theirry Guetta (Mr. Brainwash) is guilty of infringing on photographer Glen E. Friedman’s copyright, a federal judge has ruled.

Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash sued for copyright infringement over Run DMC image

Above Top: Photo of Run DMC, taken by Glen E. Friedman Above Bottom: Invitation Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash used for his debut exhibition ‘Life Is Beautiful’ Earlier this month I …

Earlier this month I noted that Banksy had finally spoken about the artist Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwash) profiled in his now Oscar nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop . Still, suspicions run fairly rampant that he either doesn't exist or is merely the latest prank creation by Banksy. Guetta has now given sworn statements that the artwork is his own, as he's the subject of a copyright lawsuit initiated by photographer Glen E. Friedman. The two Run DMC images above should make that fairly obvious (as well as several others after the jump).

"If it's not your life then get the fuck out" - A Chat with Glen E. Friedman (2010)

Jay Adams @ Glen E. Friedman "So my advice is if you really love (art) keep doing it, and if it’s not your life then get the fuck out of it." By Daniel Rolnik, November 2010 D: You are known for using your Pentax k1000 camera, but what fi

Wide-angle lenses were kind of a necessity for me and my perspective, for skateboarding photos and then for music it was just the same. I like to be as close to the action and the intensity as possible, but still show some of the background or environment. And if you’re using a tight lens, you don’t see that. So, I like to be close but also show the peripheral vision of what a wide-angle lens does. I use wide-angle lenses most often because that’s the way I see.

BUDDYHEAD: Glen E. Friedman Interview

Glen’s friends included Minor Threat (and later Fugazi), Black Flag, Beastie Boys, Ice-T, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, The Misfits, Bad Brains, Run-D.M.C., KRS-One, Public Enemy as well as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Alan Gelfand, Duane Peters, and Stacy Peralta

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BB Video: Glen E. Friedman, Skate + Hardcore Punk Photo-History

TODAY: we bring you part 3 of this conversation. This episode’s all about Glen E. Friedman’s early work documenting skateboarder culture, and the beginnings of American hardcore. Below, an image from the very first roll of color 35mm film Friedman ever shot, which he discusses in this video. Also in today’s episode: Glen shares the story behind the Circle Jerks “Golden Shower of Hits” album cover, which he also shot. His work was so much a part of these subcultures, which were in turn so much a part of my own formative years — so this episode means a lot to me. I hope you dig it.

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Photographer Glen E. Friedman in Conversation (and Collaboration) with Shepard Fairey

Earlier this week, we aired a Boing Boing video episode in which we visited Shepard Fairey’s gallery in LA, and spoke with him about the most well-known of his works, the Obama poster. That episode was shot as another artist’s work was being hung on the walls: legendary punk / hiphop / skate culture photographer Glen E. Friedman. Together, Shepard and Glen were also working on a collaboration together that brings Shep’s visual style together with some of Glen’s most iconic images.

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