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Bologna : Foto/Industria 2015 Kathy Ryan – The Eye of Photography

She takes these shots without the slightest pretention, simply for the fun, posting them on Instagram. The huge number of “likes” she received boosted her confidence and now in the middle of her frenetic work day rushing from one meeting to another, finding solutions for the endless changes in the magazine’s contents, or having to find a different approach, she invents these moments of exquisite imagery.


New York: Kathy Ryan Office Romance – The Eye of Photography

In her spare time, Kathy Ryan, photo director of  the New York Times Magazine, is a brilliant photographer. For the past two years, she’s kept a daily journal of images, all shot while working in the offices of the American newspaper, posting them in real time


Kathy Ryan, Kira Pollack, and Benjamin Lowy Discuss Their Use of Instagram

Ryan and Pollack began by speaking about different ways in which their publications have used smartphone images in the last few years. For a 2010 New York Times Magazine cover story about twentysomethings, Ryan said, she commissioned smartphone images because she felt they fit the subject matter. “We never had any objections…we see it as one more way of making pictures,” she said.


Kathy Ryan, thirty years of New York Times

Kathy, can you describe in detail the content of your exhibition ? It is a view on the best photographs published in the New York Times Magazine for the last 30 years. The 11 different installations show magnificent images that attempt to reveal to the spectator the process of the publication of a photo in a magazine, and the surroundings of the decor of the metier of the photographer