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Pete Muller – A Tale of Two Wolves: Men, Masculinity and Violence | LensCulture

Congo presents but one illustration of the relationship between embattled masculinity and violence that I believe exists in various forms throughout the world. In order to reduce violence, it is essential to critically explore the context from which male aggression emerges.


Pete Muller: Chasing Ebola — zPhotoJournal

I am perpetually fascinated with Africa’s extraordinary diversity and challenges. I think it’s only sensible that if an outsider has any hope of understanding the continent’s complexity, he or she must devote years to the pursuit. I've been working on the continent since 2007 and remain humble regarding the complex dynamics at play within many of its countries. I view every assignment and project as opportunity to learn on a steep curve. 


Pete Muller: TIME Picks the Best Photographer on the Wires

Of the millions of photographs moving through the news services—known as “the wires”—this year, the work of Associated Press freelancer Pete Muller, 29, stood out. His exceptional photographs—focused on Africa and particularly Sudan—take an individual approach to storytelling, one that combines a distinctive aesthetic with journalistic integrity.


Pete Muller’s Photos of Rebels in Blue Nile State

But even though the south has now split off, the war is hardly over in Sudan. A new conflict has erupted in the Nuba Mountains and in Blue Nile State, where tens of thousands of southern-aligned rebels are now battling the Arab-dominated government of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital.


Into Existence: Southern Sudan on the Eve of Independence

When I arrived in southern Sudan in 2009, I did so with only a general understanding of the dynamics at play. In the almost two years since then, I have been humbled, deeply and repeatedly, by the complexity of the southern struggle and the respective identities of those who waged it.