When Hard Times Hit, Young Journos Hit the Road

With most of the country experiencing hard times for the last few years, many young adults, and young journalists in particular, are feeling uncertain about their future. Heading out on the road can be a way to take back control of one’s destiny and grow

Back at the house, the crew proceeded to tear into the roadkill, separating the meat, fat, skeleton and hide. The testicles were preserved in a jar of alcohol and placed on the spice rack next to a free-range squirrel head. Adventures like this have not been uncommon for Tim and Noah Hussin (above), brothers and journalists who have been biking across America for over a year now. After raising a little over $3,000 on Kickstarter, they set out to document people who they believe are rethinking American values toward community and challenging the cookie-cutter lifestyle of the suburbia the brothers grew up in.

hitting the road, finally

*Cory, bear pelt and fox cod piece, Hawk with bowling ball* My brother and I are leaving on our cross-country journey today. We planning t...

My brother and I are leaving on our cross-country journey today. We planning to leave in summer, but the great group of people we've met here in Asheville have kept us for several months. Winter is here and we will bike through the cold, despite the cringes from our friends. With our departure, we are launching our Web site where we will host all our short films, photos and musings. We'd love to have all of you follow along.

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Instead of relying solely on the decisions of editors and publishers to tell the stories they discover while cycling across the country, Tim and Noah Hussin are seeking funding from the general public.

Tim Hussin: Shootout


Tim Hussin:

I just got back to NYC from the shootout. They gave us about 2 and a half days to shoot. The story topic was rituals and the single topics were architecture and cable car. I’ll post some more words later when I have time, but I just wanted to get the photos up for all that are interested. I placed 1st with these images.

Tim Hussin interview – Part A


For one, I physically get close to my subjects. I tend to shoot more wide-angle photos. I really try to develop a rapport with the people I’m around when I’m shooting. It lends itself to being able to capture the more intimate moments that would seem like the photographer is invisible.

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Tim Hussin: fresh air

Every so often, I need to dump all this crap out of my head. I’ve spent so much time learning and assimilating so much into the way I shoot that I just need to forget. To let go of everything and just shoot the way I want. To not have to worry about deadlines and expectations. Standards and content. The pictures might be worthless, but at least it instills some new sense of freedom and rekindles that passion that I sometimes lose when photography starts to become work.

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Tim Hussin: Wildfire

There was a pretty big grass fire near the city on Monday. It seemed tame at first, but then it spread rapidly, pushing its way to the edge of many neighborhoods. I ended up abandoning my car and running around the neighborhood following the fire.

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Tim Hussin: Pikeville, KY Dips

Catching Up — This is the series of diptychs I shot during the American Diversity Project. The idea was to show a contrast between the wealth in Pikeville and the poverty in the surrounding areas, but it ended up branching out to a more general theme. The Web site has been up for a while now, but check it out if you haven’t yet.

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Tim Hussin: lodo

This is a piece on the atmosphere of the lower downtown Denver club scene following a fatal shooting last weekend

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Hussin wins Hearst multimedia competition

Photojournalism students Tim Hussin and Jeremiah Stanley placed first and 12th, respectively, in the inaugural Hearst Foundation intercollegiate multimedia competition, professor John Freeman announced.

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SLC Monk: The Browns

I spent some more time with Russ and some with his family this evening. Russ was rummaging through his burnt down house for a while trying to find anything that survived the flames. A couple things of interest made it. The bible, Book of Mormon, Sim City CDs and some wedding photos.

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Kids With Guns – APhotoADay News

kidsguns 1.jpg

M: If you haven’t seen this multimedia piece by Tim Hussin, you need to. It’s hands down my favorite SoundSlides show of the year

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