Time Travel and Ethical Photojournalism

It makes you wonder, should we keep our professional standards and ethics modeled on the physics of light passing through glass and onto film? Or should we base them on the superior quality and light gathering ability of the human eye?

Sports Shooter Venue Guide – Lazy Elk High School

To avoid any unpleasantries make sure you check in with one of the assistant vice principals before you start shooting. In exchange for your drivers license they will give you a sideline pass. This pass must be worn around your neck and must remain visible at all times. Next, the school police deputy will point out any players on the team that can't be photographed, either because their parents haven't signed a media release or because they're facing felony charges.

FIS World Cup Aerials Composite

what do you do when you end up with a thousand-plus photos of flipping skiers on a plain black background? I needed something different from last year. Here’s what came to mind…

Sports Shooter Newsletter Decade Collection

As this decade ends, I wanted to commemorate its passing by collecting images from these special people that have helped me over the years. I asked them to select an image of theirs that is historic, unique, revealing or memorable. Most of all, I wanted the image to be something personal … an image special to them.

The Process – Aerial Skier Composite | Fly on the Wall

1302009-skier-crash-seq-p2-v5.jpg 1.jpeg

CLICK NOTE: Yeah, I’m pimping one of my own…

I got the idea for building this after editing my shots of Nadja Leuenberger competing in the World Cup Aerials at Deer Valley. Leuenberger didn’t place very high, but I had a great sequence— forty photographs of her second jump of the event, spinning, landing and crashing.

Check it out here.

Trent photos + Sabre shirts – Limited Edition

sabre01 1.jpg

For information on ordering from the US, contact me.

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