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tapper.gif | The 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets In Video Game History!: “Seeing classic arcade game machines lined up next to each other is an easy way to have a wave of nostalgia smack you in the face harder than a hurled barrel compliments of Donkey Kong himself. It brings you back to a time when games were simple, fun, and fairly cheap to play for the most part. Whether it was laughing at how all the enemies bullets traveled 75% slower than your own or enjoying the cheesy digitized voices, there’s no denying the classic games had something special.

But there is something about arcade games that we don’t think gets enough credit. While everybody has their picks for the best games, most people don’t give too much thought about the artistry that was put into the cabinets which held these games. It is with that in mind that I-Mockery is paying tribute to what we consider to be the The 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets In Video Game History!”

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PAM PLATT: Flurry over a photo prompts explanation: “Some of the comments registered by angry, offended and/or baffled readers: ‘Awful,’ ‘an embarrassment,’ ‘horrible decision,’ ‘poor judgment,’ ‘distasteful,’ ‘a mystery’ and ‘shame on you.’

I have to admit I was a little baffled by the response. Aren’t sports the province of the ubiquitous fanny pat? Aren’t players in each other’s faces all the time during athletic matches? Yes and yes. So what’s a little game-time hug in that universe?

Well, apparently this photo crossed a line for some readers, some of whom demanded an apology and/or an explanation.”

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Bruce kicks photographer, takes oath : Updates : The Rocky Mountain News: “But his patience snapped as photographers from the Rocky and Denver Post crouched before him to shoot his picture as he stood for the House’s morning prayer.

Bruce told Rocky photographer Javier Manzano ‘Don’t do that again,’ and then gave him a swift kick in the knee.

Asked by reporters in his office about the incident, Bruce said his kick was warranted and that he had warned the photographers not to take his picture during the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

‘In 21 years, I don’t think there has ever been an instance where I had to do something to stop somebody from behaving in such a coarse and disgusting way,’ Bruce said.”



Local News | Weyerhaeuser, environmentalists argue logging’s effect on floods | Seattle Times Newspaper: “The Seattle Times photograph, by Steve Ringman, was taken with a 20-mm wide-angle lens a few days after the storm hit. At the hearing, Weyerhaeuser’s Godbout said the slope looked less steep when seen from a different perspective, and — on a screen — he showed a corporate photograph with a different view of the slides and slope.”

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pictures. » Anna and Scott: “On Friday, my old friend Scott got married to my new friend Anna. It’s hard for me to put into words how happy i am for them. To be honest, i am also happy for me. i got to see it. Scott was coming out for an annual photo celebration (more on that later) and it just worked out to be the right time for them. It was likely they would get married at some point – but for it to happen in Oregon was very special for fran and i.”

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