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  • David Alan Harvey Has Resigned From Magnum Photos

    Magnum’s announcement that it has been cleared of wrongdoing here was recently called into question. The organization should complete its review later this year.
  • Statement Signed by 600+ Photography Professionals Demands Accountability from Magnum Photos

    A group of 647 photography students and professionals have together signed a letter demanding Magnum Photos actively participate in addressing sexual harassment in the industry, namely with regards to accusations made against its photographer David Alan Harvey.
  • Magnum’s moment of reckoning – Columbia Journalism Review

    But even as Magnum touted its efforts to confront the industry’s abuses, women who worked with one of the agency’s best-known photographers were telling a different story. Eleven women have described to CJR inappropriate behavior from David Alan Harvey over a span of 13 years, ranging from suggestive comments to unwanted sexual advances to masturbating without their consent on video calls. His behavior was reported to Magnum as early as 2009, but the agency sat on the information for more than a decade. It finally took action in August of this year, but only after the allegations spilled into public: a story published on the website Fstoppers reported that Magnum was selling explicit photographs of sexually exploited minors on its website, including photographs from a series taken by Harvey in Bangkok in 1989. That led photojournalist Amanda Mustard to write a Twitter thread about Harvey, alleging that sexual misconduct allegations against him were an open secret in the industry.
  • Following Investigation, Magnum Photos Suspends David Alan Harvey for One Year

    Earlier this year, the Magnum Photos agency suspended prominent photojournalist David Alan Harvey indefinitely pending an investigation into a historical allegation. Today that suspension was made punitive and given the timeline of one year.
  • An Open Letter to Olivia Arthur. President of Magnum Photos. — duckrabbit

    I’m writing to you following the statement that you made after the Magnum Photos archive was taken offline as a result of allegations that Magnum have been selling indecent images of children. First reported by Andy Day on August 6th and followed up here and here.
  • Magnum’s Problems are Bigger than David Alan Harvey – Disphotic

    If Magnum really represents the best that photojournalism has to offer, it’s no longer enough to just demonstrate that photographically, it also has to demonstrate it in terms of it’s structures, practices and ethics.
  • Magnum Suspends David Alan Harvey Over Harassment Allegations

    In a shocking photo industry development, the renowned Magnum Photos agency has officially suspended prominent photojournalist David Alan Harvey while it investigates “a confidential complaint” that claims Harvey harassed a female colleague.
  • Magnum Under Fire for Selling Photos of ‘Teenage’ Sex Workers from 1989

    Magnum Photos and prominent photojournalist David Alan Harvey are under scrutiny online today after some of Harvey’s photographs labeled as ‘Teenage’ ‘Thai Prostitutes’ from 1989 surfaced in the Magnum archives, where users could purchase the images or share them online.
  • LOOK3 2015: David Alan Harvey’s Reunion with a Long-Lost Subject (and Other Surprises)

    LOOK3 2015: David Alan Harvey’s Reunion with a Long-Lost Subject (and Other Surprises)

    David Alan Harvey’s artist talk on the main stage at LOOK3 in Charlottesville on Saturday included several surprises: a peek at some of Harvey’s precocious early work, images from his latest project (called Beach Games, an exploration in black and white of beach sports culture in Rio), his insistence (against much evidence to the contrary) that he doesn’t consider himself a color photographer or an extrovert–and a heartwarming guest appearance by a long-lost subject from a project he shot when he was 22.

  • Video: David Alan Harvey On Photography As The World’s Only Common Language | American Photo

    Video: David Alan Harvey On Photography As The World’s Only Common Language

    Why the Magnum photographer believes we are all visual storytellers

  • David Alan Harvey’s Beautiful Photos of Poverty and Beach Parties

    Link: David Alan Harvey’s Beautiful Photos of Poverty and Beach Parties | VICE United States

    Life is all about how you look at something. It’s all attitude and philosophy more than actual reality, because everyone’s reality is kind of the same, but everybody has problems or advantages. So I always worked with my fellow students and told them how to think about it. That was my main thing—I’ve just done that all along.

  • David Alan Harvey’s Personal Photo Project from Rio de Janeiro

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    Link: David Alan Harvey’s Personal Photo Project from Rio de Janeiro – NYTimes.com

    David Alan Harvey’s “Based on a True Story” is an unusual mix of classic documentary images of Rio de Janeiro and casual shots of Mr. Harvey’s personal experiences there, including photographs of his “muses” — several Brazilian women who assisted him.

  • david alan harvey – videos

  • (based on a true story) review

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    Link: (based on a true story) review – The Photo Society

    When you do, you find that David Alan Harvey has accomplished something that writers have been itching to do for a decade or more but have not accomplished – he has broken down the last wall, taken us to the place where he has been, where he still is, as the creator, the photographer, and, most importantly, as the editor. 

  • david alan harvey in conversation with jim estrin

    Link: david alan harvey in conversation with jim estrin | burn magazine

    JE: There are multimedia platforms for story telling that weren’t available. I love working at the New York Times but for the first half, actually the first fifteen years of my career at the Times, I wasn’t the story teller, even if it was a story I came up with. I was an illustrator, someone else told the story. Now, I can tell the story. I can tell the story with audio, with video, with writing on the web, in a blog… DAH: Jim, you have really hit the nail on the head better than anybody, and that is the truth. That is the truth of the new media because you and I, when we first started in the business, even though we had salaries, I was also at least three people removed from my audience. You are nobody removed from your audience. You might have an audience of fifteen, but you’ve got fifteen people who know YOU. And actually who you are as a photographer, see, because I had a couple of editors interpreting theoretically to readers whoever DAH was. I had to convince Jack Hunter, one crusty embittered guy on the city desk of my newspaper, that this was in fact a good picture to get published. I mean I had to get to one guy who hated photography to “get” my picture…

  • behind the scenes – the rio book edit

    Link: burn magazine

    Along with doing my own work, my number one priority, is  to mentor those who seek to marry art, craft, and daily life into one holistic experience

  • David Alan Harvey comments on behalf of the Magnum Cultural Foundation | duckrabbit

    Also a bit confused about how some think Larry needs to respond or spend his personal time. For example, why can’t Larry go a a Magnum business meeting, take his wife to dinner, have a beer at the local pub, talk or not talk about Afghanistan, and still be very responsible with funds donated by believers in his craft so proven over so many years? I think no matter how many stones one wants to uncover, the motives of Larry Towell are going to come up clean.

    Link: David Alan Harvey comments on behalf of the Magnum Cultural Foundation | duckrabbit – we produce photofilms
  • 48 Years Up (and Down) at the National Geographic: William Albert Allard and David Alan Harvey – NYTimes.com


    The core of it is that I went out for myself. I went out there to satisfy me. Because I felt if I can satisfy myself, the magazine is going to benefit. I made a lot of mistakes. But I wasn’t afraid to fail. You can’t be afraid to fail and grow and get better. You’ve got to be willing to risk.

    Link: 48 Years Up (and Down) at the National Geographic: William Albert Allard and David Alan Harvey – NYTimes.com
  • Titled 'Burn,' but David Alan Harvey Printed It on Paper – NYTimes.com

    Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 9.08.13 AM.png

    When David Alan Harvey started his online Web journal Burn in 2008, there were few opportunities for emerging photographers to display their work to a broad audience. Today, thanks partly to Burn, they have numerous showcases on the Web. Now, building upon his online success, Mr. Harvey has embarked on a truly innovative enterprise: publishing on paper.

    Link: Titled ‘Burn,’ but David Alan Harvey Printed It on Paper – NYTimes.com
  • David Alan Harvey (Burn Magazine): In Conversation

    DavidAlanHarvey 1.png

    The key for photographers today is that they must be idea people. Concept people. It is no longer any advantage to have technical skills. Today one needs idea skills, to really have something to say, either journalistically or artistically. I see photography as a language far, far from dead. In my opinion, just being born. I look for visual literacy in a body of work. The makers must be visually literate and the audience must be visually literate as well. Seeking this happy medium of literacy from creator to audience is a full time preoccupation that will never end. However, the pursuit of this ideal is in and of itself an art.

    Link: The New York Photo Festival | The Future of Contemporary Photography