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“This was pure intimidation,” Dalglish said, adding that “it’s clear from the circumstance that the journalist did nothing wrong.” Biden Press Secretary Kendra Barkoff would not speak on the record with Capital News Service. A message left for Dana Rosenzweig, the staffer who asked that the photos be deleted, was not returned.


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When you do, you find that David Alan Harvey has accomplished something that writers have been itching to do for a decade or more but have not accomplished – he has broken down the last wall, taken us to the place where he has been, where he still is, as the creator, the photographer, and, most importantly, as the editor. 


David Alan Harvey (Burn Magazine): In Conversation

The key for photographers today is that they must be idea people. Concept people. It is no longer any advantage to have technical skills. Today one needs idea skills, to really have something to say, either journalistically or artistically. I see photography as a language far, far from dead. In my opinion, just being born. I look for visual literacy in a body of work. The makers must be visually literate and the audience must be visually literate as well. Seeking this happy medium of literacy from creator to audience is a full time preoccupation that will never end. However, the pursuit of this ideal is in and of itself an art.


Q&A: David Alan Harvey on Launching a Photo-j Magazine

Link: Q&A: David Alan Harvey on Launching a Photo-j Magazine – PDN:

A National Geographic contributor and Magnum member, David Alan Harvey launched the online magazine Burn last year to support the work of up-and-coming photojournalists. Burn recently awarded its first $10,000 Emerging Photographer Grant, and Harvey is trying to raise more money so he can start paying photographers to shoot assignments.

PDN Pulse- Photographers Evicted from Brooklyn "Kibbutz"

PDNPulse: “Paolo Pellegrin, David Alan Harvey, Alex Majoli, Robert Clark, Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen are among the photographers who had to evacuate their building in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Sunday due to fire hazards and building code violations. An AP story reports that the loft building at 475 Kent Street – affectionately referred to as ‘the kibbutz’ among the photojournalists who have lived, partied or slept on couches there – was evacuated Sunday night after two silos of grain were discovered in the basement. In addition to being infested with rats, the grain is also a fire hazard, according to New York’s Office of Emergency Management, which has been coordinating the effort to clear the building. Tenants report that a bakery that makes matzoh had been operating without a license in the building.”

Magnum – Nairobi

From Magnum Photos, David Alan Harvey’s Nairobi portraits:

Nairobi has grown from a sleepy, pretty British outpost twenty years ago to a bustling metropolis of four million people today. Kenya’s leaders are often accused of corruption, but nevertheless, the country shed it’s military dictatorship five years ago.
This is a portrait portfolio of a cross section of the powerful and the not so powerful. The eclectic mix makes up the colorful population of one of Africa’s most vibrant but problematic cities.