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  • LOOK3 Festival Announces Roster for Master Talks, Evening Projections

    Link: PDN Pulse » Blog Archive » LOOK3 Festival Announces Roster for Master Talks, Evening Projections

    Lynsey Addario, Ernesto Bazan, Camille Seaman, Bruce Gilden, Robin Schwartz, and Hank Willis Thomas, festival organizers have announced. The festival will take place June 7, 8 and 9 in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

  • Lynsey Addario’s 2011: From Libyan War Captive To New Mother


    Remember when said to his wife – and to the world – via CNN, “You’ve gotta come back here because we’ve got to have kids”?

    Lynsey Addario
  • Israel Apologizes to Lynsey Addario

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    Israel’s Defense Ministry has apologized to photojournalist Lynsey Addario after soldiers subjected her to a humiliating strip search at a Gaza Strip checkpoint

  • VII Photo Agency Brings in New Members


    They are Davide Monteleone, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Lynsey Addario, Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Stefano de Luigi, Venetia Dearden, Jessica Dimmock, Adam Ferguson, Ashley Gilbertson, Seamus Murphy, Maciek Nabrdalik, Tomas Van Houtryve and Donald Weber.

  • Lynsey Addario: Women in the Muslim World

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    Addario made her first trip to Saudi Arabia in 2004. “My only image of the women was in the all-encompassing abayas,” she said. “I never could have anticipated the intelligent, educated, and fashionable women I met over the course of that year.”

  • Lynsey Addario – Olivier Rebbot Award


    The Olivier Rebbot Award for “best photographic reporting from abroad in magazines or books” was given to Lynsey Addario for her National Geographic story “Veiled Rebellion: Afghan Women”.

    Link: Lynsey Addario Olivier Rebbot Award | La Lettre de la Photographie
  • Q&A: NYT's Lynsey Addario on Libya sexual assault – Committee to Protect Journalists

    You know, I actually wanted to shame the Libyans. It’s very important that they understand how embarrassing, how gross it is, and what a bad name it gives to other Muslim countries. I’ve gotten emails from translators and drivers all around the Middle East just saying, “I’m so sorry that this happened to you,” and “I’m so embarrassed that this has happened to you. We are not like that.” Libyans need to be a little more introspective about what kind of society produces these kinds of people. So when I went forward I wanted it to get out that this kind of behavior, which is just unacceptable, is going on.

    Link: Q&A: NYT’s Lynsey Addario on Libya sexual assault – Blog – Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Lynsey Addario: "It's What I Do"


    I was reading the feedback to the account that Anthony, Tyler, Steve and I wrote. (“Four Times Journalists Held Captive in Libya Faced Days of Brutality.”) Some comments said: “How dare a woman go to a war zone?” and “How could The New York Times let a woman go to the war zone?” To me, that’s grossly offensive. This is my life, and I make my own decisions. If a woman wants to be a war photographer, she should. It’s important. Women offer a different perspective. We have access to women on a different level than men have, just as male photographers have a different relationship with the men they’re covering.

    Link: Lynsey Addario: ‘It’s What I Do’ — Why She Will Cover War Again – NYTimes.com
  • Libya Releases 4 Times Journalists

    The Libyan government has released four detained New York Times journalists — Tyler Hicks, Lynsey Addario, Stephen Farrell and Anthony Shadid

    Link: Libya Releases 4 Times Journalists: Tyler Hicks, Lynsey Addario Among Them – NYTimes.com
  • Libya Says It Will Release Times Journalists

    Four New York Times journalists held since Tuesday by pro-Qaddafi forces in Libya will be released today, Libyan government officials have told the US State Department. The Libyan government says that the four journalists, who include photographers Lynsey Addario and Tyler Hicks, were arrested in Ajdabiya when the Libyan army swept into the rebel-controlled city.

    Link: PDN Pulse » Blog Archive » Libya Says It Will Release Times Journalists Today
  • Lynsey Addario's Husband Appeals To Muammar el-Qaddafi

    Photojournalist Lynsey Addario’s husband, journalist Paul de Bendern, today said on CNN that the first thing he’ll say to his wife who is missing in action in Libya when she returns is, “You’ve gotta come back here because we’ve got to have kids.”

    Link: Lynsey Addario’s Husband Appeals To Muammar el-Qaddafi
  • The 6th Floor: Missing Friends

    We are still worried about our colleagues missing in Libya: Stephen Farrell, Lynsey Addario, Anthony Shadid and Tyler Hicks.

    Link: Missing Times colleagues in Libya – NYTimes.com
  • 4 New York Times journalists missing in Libya

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    We wish for a safe and fast return of the four journalists.

    Link: 4 New York Times journalists missing in Libya | dvafoto
  • Tyler Hicks, Lynsey Addario, Two Other NY Times Journalists Missing In Libya

    The missing journalists are Anthony Shadid, the Beirut bureau chief and twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for foreign reporting; Stephen Farrell, a reporter and videographer who was kidnapped by the Taliban in 2009 and rescued by British commandos; and two photographers, Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario, who have worked extensively in the Middle East and Africa.

    Link: Four New York Times Journalists Are Missing in Libya – NYTimes.com
  • At a Deadly, Shifting Front in Libya: Lynsey Addario Describes the Challenges Faced by Photographers – NYTimes.com


    It was pretty scary. The journalist’s instinct is to want to go as far forward as possible. But our drivers refused. Two drivers today refused to go forward. They’re drivers; they’re not journalists. So a lot of them just said, “We’re not going to take you forward.”

    Link: At a Deadly, Shifting Front in Libya: Lynsey Addario Describes the Challenges Faced by Photographers – NYTimes.com
  • Haiti by VII

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    Haiti has always been a land of beauty and pain, of light and darkness. When a catastrophic earthquake hit the island on Tuesday, January 12th, the world was shaken by the magnitude of the destruction and human suffering. In this story for VII The Magazine, photographers James Nachtwey, Ron Haviv, Lynsey Addario and Benjamin Lowy provide a heart-wrenching look at this disaster and its aftermath.

    Link: VII The Magazine
  • Lynsey Addario Wins $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship

    Link: Lynsey Addario Wins $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship – PDN:

    “Addario’s dedication to demystifying foreign cultures and exposing the tragic consequences of human conflict is drawing much-needed attention to conflict zones around the world and providing a valuable historical record for future generations,” the MacArthur Foundation wrote in a statement announcing her award.

  • On Assignment: The Afghan Election

    On Assignment: The Afghan Election – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com

    Lynsey Addario, a freelance photographer who has been taking pictures in Afghanistan since 2000, returned recently to shoot photos of the campaign leading up the presidential election on Aug. 20. Ms. Addario says she has never seen Afghans as excited about an election. “People are talking about change, people are talking about who might win,” says Ms. Addario, who is represented by VII photo agency and whose work appears regularly in The Times.


    Lynsey Addario, Ziyah Gafić, and Seamus Murphy have been invited to join VII Network. Here’s a PDF press release: VII PHOTO
  • On Assignment: Taking Time Out to Heal

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    Lens Blog – NYTimes.com

    On Friday, from the American Hospital in Istanbul, Lynsey Addario sent the following message to Michele McNally, an assistant managing editor. Hi just got to turkey and am in american hosp here. What a gigantic difference from pakistan! Its like I’ve spent the last five days in a cave! They have me strapped up in this figure 8 sling, trying to pull my bones apart. Doctors now are discussing surgery. Collar bones banging into each other and it is sooooooooo painful. The Times is gathering a fund to give to the six children of the driver, Raza Khan, for whom he was the sole provider.